Dainty chain bracelet Q

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  1. I have little experiance with bracelets, but lately I've been thinking of getting a dainty gold or silver chain bracelet, something like this:


    My questions are: can they slide off your wrist, like a bangle? Are they sturdy enough to wesr 24/7? And what keeps the charm from rotating to the bottom of your wrist all the time?

  2. I have something like that but a cross. It does not slide of my wrist. I do not wear it daily since it is dainty and may not be ideal for everyday wear. The cross charm rotates at the bottom because of its weight especially when I am typing at work. But I still love mine! It is my only rose gold jewelry as of the moment.

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  3. Thank you so much! :smile:

    Are dainty chain bracelets sturdy enough to wear 24/7? Is there a sturdy metal that would be recommended for 24/7 wear other than silver or gold? I don't very much care as long as it isnt in danger of breaking.
  4. I do not wear mine 24/7 so I cannot comment if it is sturdy enough. I always remove my jewelries before bedtime.