daimler?? damier??

  1. I was reading a fashion magazine last night (I think it was Vogue) and read an article about the latest trends. A sentence with Louis Vuitton caught my eye, it said LV daimler purse. Is there such thing as a purse called daimler because I am thinking they meant to say damier. If the latter is true, then this author didn't check his/her own work.
    Help me satisfy my curiosity.

  2. Lol..reminds me of Daimler/Chrysler.
  3. um... I didn't notice....lol... :push:
  4. Never heard of a Daimler purse :shrugs: Must've been an error, haha!
  5. I think I saw that sentence in Vogue too LOL! :lol:
  6. Ok I have to admit on more than one occaision I have actually heared people call it 'daimler', I don't know if this is a simple mistake or whether they have been led to believe damier is actually called this, then im not sure. I'm confused...
  7. Lol

  8. lol. thats what i thought too.
  9. :wtf: daimler?? has to be damier... :idea: lol.
  10. unless it's just a misreading/bad printing bcause if the dot of the 'i' was smudged and joined to the stem, it could kind of look like damler???iono
  11. haha.. probably just an accident
  12. did they say anything else about the damier purse? curious!