1. Name your favorite damier ebene bag...I am entertaining either the berkley or trevi....not sure because of the $$$ but, might save for one...which one do you think looks better and which will be in style in years to come...more classic...

    oops sp error in the title..system would not let me correct Damier...
  2. Trevi! So classic and versatile! I love how it has a frame top and pleats. The Berkeley is kind of plain to me, like an oversized speedy with a plaque.
  3. Speedy, don't have one yet but hope to have one soon :smile:
  4. hmm...that's a tough choice! i don't think you can't go wrong either way. I think the Damier line is classic in itself...if i had to go one, i'd get the trevi first...
  5. My first Damier was my Hampstead MM. It's a great tote, but has an non-tote look because the sides at the top cinch in with snaps. It comes in three sizes. I like it a lot. It's ebene. I'm still trying to break in the straps, as they are very stiff and sharp.
    My second Damier is the Berkeley which I love. I don't have a Speedy, but I don't think they are anything alike. Also, my Berkeley is Azur. I haven't used it yet, but really love it.
  6. saleya all the way
  7. i like the knightsbridge and the hampstead...
  8. The Speedy definitely :tup:
  9. from your two choices, i say berkeley. it's really pretty.
  10. I have both, different looks, Berkley IMO is more dressy and classic. Trevi is more sporty.
  11. Alma
  12. Great choice! I like the Berkeley better in ebene - not the azur. The style is classy and classic - very clean lines. The trevi is a little trendy so I'm not sure if it would still look good after a couple of years.....
  13. They are both beautiful so you can't make a wrong choice. Personally, I like the Trevi. Something about it looks retro to me and I love that.
  14. my favourite damier ebony items are speedy and hampstead!!
  15. The Duomo!