Daimer Speedy

  1. finally I have decided to go with the mono speedy 30 and will hold off on the manhatten pm...now I am wondering what do you think of the Daimer Speedy?? I was going to get a zippy wallet but, the Daimer Speedy 30 is only 70 dollars more...what is a girl to do??? Is it a gorgeous bag...does it have more shape than the mono...daimer speedy owners give me feedback...thanks
  2. it's the same canvas as the Mono, so it has the same shape and structure (or lack thereof). but it's a really great bag, and it goes with everything, and it's very low-maintenance too
  3. I have a mono speedy 30 and a damier speedy 25 and really love both. Damier is great cuz you don't have to worry about it if its raining. hth.
  4. Damier is going to be a lot easier in the rain and bad weather...low maintenance. It's also a much more understated pattern than the mono. I carry mono when I want to make a statement "hey, I've got an LV, people!" and carry Damier when I want something great looking but not as recognizable to all except for those in the know ;) .
  5. Gucci-- LOL you could do what I did:

    I have the mono speedy 35 and bought the damier speedy 30.

    Today I just ordered the vernis frambroise small ring agenda that I am going to use both as an agenda and a wallet:smile: It was only $300!! And no tax plus free shipping:smile:!!!
  6. I don't have a Damier Speedy, but I reckon the 25 is SO cute cute cute!!! And I'd have to agree with what other ppl have said... you dont have to worry about it too much in the rain!
  7. I have the Mono Speedy and I love it.. but I also want the Damier. heheh.. I would say get one now and one later.. (I don't think I'm helping!!) But honestly, the damier is definately low maintainance and you could definately use it in rain/snow.
  8. The damier speedy 25 is a staple in a collection! I love mine to death. She goes with everything I wear (i.e. casuals or work). You need not worry about the vachetta like the mono and the damier is not faked as much as the mono esp. in the speedy form. Get the damier!
  9. Defintiely get a damier! It's great in bad weather, and its subtly chic...I love it! I AM GETTING ONE very very soon...I highly recommend it!
  10. I vote for the DAmier Speedy~they have the new red lining and it is so sweet!!!

    I have one and it is the sweetest bag,...you will love it!:yes:
  11. Forget the wallet, use one of your gucci ones for now and get a Mono 30 & Damier 25:yes: . That way you have 2 of the classic staples in both sizes, in both Damier & Mono. Thats a great way to start of your collection:love:
  12. I vote for the Damier Speedy. I'm thinking this might be a next bag for me.
  13. my favorite is the mono, I have the 25 and the 30...I also have the damier 30 and I use that when the weather is bad, and I'm out for the whole day and have to carry alot of things and with the damier, you can carry it by the handles and not worry about messing it up.
  14. I love my mono and look forward to getting a slightly used Damier down the road.
  15. Damier speedy is tdf! But i have a speedy in mono, and actually both are made of canvass, you can never go wrong with a speedy.. a wallet perhaps will add some spice... but the Manhattan is also TDf..:graucho: ;)