Daimer Speedy 25 or 30???

  1. What are your thoughts on the Daimer Speepy 25 vs 30????

    Is the Daimer popular with celebs? I love the look but, it seems less popular maybe because it is new to the market.
  2. i prefer the 25, only because i'm so short that anything bigger looks laughable on me

    and if you do a search you'll find thousands upon thousands of responses to this question
  3. Also check the visual aids thread. I posted a picture of myself wearing the 30. I agree that I rarely see celebrities with damier. Since the popularity of damier is increasing, maybe that will change?:yes:
  4. I think it depends on the height and frame of your body. Personally, the 30 looks awesome!
  5. IMO Damier needs structure which the 25 would have over the 30. I prefer Damier pieces that are more stiff as the checkerboard pattern is very straight.
  6. I have a Damier 30. If your stuff fills more than half of it, the shape will hold pretty well. I use this for work and when on vacation, and my cerises speedy (25) for weekends or free time when I don't need to carry so much - so it depends on what you use it for mostly. :smile:
  7. 25
  8. I like the look of the Damier 25 more than the 30 for so me reason.