Daimer papillion hardware....

  1. Daimer hardware for the papillion has changed...any pics of the new hardware???
  2. i think that the new/old damier papillon hardware is probably same as the new/old damier belem pm hardware.

    new hardware on rensky's belem pm:

    old hardware on my belem pm:
  3. I love the old hardware...It's sad that they changed it.
  4. Yea, I think the new hardware is thinner than the old, I like the old hardware so much better.
  5. where's urs??

  6. [​IMG]

    oppps here it is, the old hardware.
  7. damier papillon 26........new hardware, similar to that of mono papillon
    IMG_0613 (Small) (Medium).JPG
  8. old hardware for damier papi/belem:

  9. I like the old hardware better. I am picking up my mono papillon 30 next month from LV...I hope it has solid hardware.
  10. i want the old hardware :hysteric:

    but o well..................................in exchange for the red lining i guess i'm happy with that!!! :wlae:
  11. I like the old hardware.
  12. me too...... was kinda disappointed when I saw the difference but no matter i still love my papillon..........
  13. i want the old hardware with RED lining

    * i hope that doesnt sound greedy * :lol:
  14. Curious - does that actually exist or were you just doing some wishful thinking? I'd be pretty excited if that actually exists! :nuts:
  15. The new hardware isn't that bad at all. It's suppose to be more durable than the older one.