Daimer Ebene speedy or Alma

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  1. i was all set to get the daimer ebene speedy 35 ... then i saw the daimer ebene alma ... and i am confused again ...

    which one do u guys advice?
  2. speedy
  3. another vote for the speedy:smile:
  4. I went through the same dilema, but I have decided to go for the speedy because my friend has the alma and complains that it hurts her arm after a while, and besides I think the speedy is a more versatile look and can be carried everyday (if that is your intention). Alma bag to me is one that I could not see myself carrying everyday and is more of a sophisticated look IMO
  5. Speedy!
  6. u really think u cant wear the alma everyday ?

    my intention is to have a bag i can use as a everyday bag but with sophistication lol if u get what i mean lol
  7. I have both, but I tend to grab my speedy a lot more because it is so light. Though has a nice cell pocket.
  8. i prefer my bags to have a lady like touch ... so what do u think i use it daily i mean the alma
  9. Alma absolutely. I see the speedy ebene on so many women these days...and the alma is more rare.

  10. IMO if you want a more sophisticated everyday bag go for the alma I say! I just feel the speedy is suited to ME for an everyday as I support a very casual look!! Or better still go for both lol... buy one now and the other later. I am still considering the damier alma for myself too!! :nuts:
  11. i love my speedy! but doesn't the ebene alma come with a shoulder strap??

    still voting for the speedy though.
  12. speedy
  13. I'm in the same boat. I say get the speedy first since it's a classic and then the alma next. I prefer the alma in vernis instead of ebene.
  14. Speedy!
  15. I have a speedy ebene 30 and I don't know...I like it but I see it soo much I have stopped feeling anything from it. When I saw an ebene Alma the other day I just adored it so much and it made me feel my speedy was too casual and shapeless. I wish I had bought an alma instead.