Daily Zippy vs. Rectangle Mini

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  1. I just sent this picture to my SA. He was wondering if there are different sizes, and promised to check it out.

  2. It's so weird Hirsh charge $1,600 for timeless woc and I just bought same woc at botique for 1,500.
  3. You know, I think Hirsh has the daily zippy on their list for 2400! I have to double chk but strange they don't increase prices all at once. I think there will be a mini! I'm very tall (6') so I'm worried a mini will be too short. Any tall girls with cross-body mini pics?
  4. The Daily Zippy comes in a larger size as well, it is 2,400. I purchased it at Bloomingdales. It did comes in the green as well. I returned it when they called me about a WOC. If not I would have kept it. The larger is a good size.
  5. So, now Im curious to know the size dimensions on the $2100 vs. $2400?
  6. I believe Saks is getting a turquoise lamb in the M/L size. NM is getting the patent woc and jumbo.
  7. There is def two sizes for the daily zippy; I saw both of them at the same time and ended up buying the larger one for $2400. The smaller one was $2100. I love the strap length; it was longer than the mini rectangle flap that I tried on at the same time.

  8. Can you please post a pic and dimensions of the larger one?
  9. Yes! My SA tried to look up the product number for the 2100 zippy and it didn't show up in Saks computer. He said mine (2400) must be bigger. So glad to hear this.

  10. Can you please post a picture with the dimensions, etc?? Thanks!!!!
  11. Oh PrincessCyress you are killing me:biggrin: I wish I could find a t mini for you:biggrin:
  12. I love that you have a fuchsia mini hotline:biggrin:
  13. PrincessCypress what about the larger zippy then? That might work perfectly:biggrin:
  14. That is very good to know about the strap:biggrin:
  15. Can someone post a pic of the tag and box info for the larger zippy? TIA!!! I'm trying to get one.