Daily Zippy vs. Rectangle Mini

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  1. Can anyone tell me what the strap drop measures on the Daily Zippy?
  2. That made me laugh! Lets see how we can figure out to get one =)
  3. I hope so too tutu thank you =)
  4. Yes, let's wait and see what happens, newcalimommy! Whatever is meant to be will be. I just hope we're meant to have turquoise minis! :smile:
  5. I just picked up the daily zippy from Saks and paid 2400! I wonder why Bloomies only charged 2100? It's still in the bag, but I will measure the drop of the chain as soon as I can.

  6. Thank you!
  7. Whaaaaat? Maybe they do come in dif size? Weird...what color did you get?
  8. Could this be the price increase starting to show? Just as Hirsh had the timeless wallets at 1600... grab your $2100 zippy while you can!
  9. a beigy/pinky color
  10. I was thinking the same thing. I hope this does not mean anything for the minis price.
  11. Yes! I hope so for both of us too =)

  12. This is really strange!!! I sent a pic of the Bloomies price tag to the manager at Saks who quoted me $2200.

  13. Can you please tell me what day you made this purchase. I need more info for my inquiry at Saks. TIA!!
  14. Sounds pretty. Post your pic!
  15. I asked my SA and she said there's only one size for daily zippy. But that's pretty steep of an increase, 300 bucks, otherwise. I bought my zippy 2 weeks ago for 2100 at bloomies