Daily Zippy vs. Rectangle Mini

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  1. Yes! Lets hope I see it in person so I can post! :smile:
  2. Thanks for your input, G&Smommy! You've just confirmed that I shouldn't go with the daily zippy, due to its size constraints. Thanks for the info on the boy brick, but I doubt I will like that it's not all the same color. I love the turquoise so much, I'd want to see the color throughout the entire bag! :smile:
  3. No problem! It's too bad about the capacity because the zippy is otherwise a great bag!
  4. I'm glad that the responses reinforced your decision to get the WOC, sluvschanel! Everyone should be happy about getting their new bag, not doubtful. Looking forward to your reveal! :smile:
  5. panthere55, I also like the way the zippy looks from the front, as it looks just like a mini! The crossbody option is nice too, I just wish the bag had more depth to it so it could fit more stuff nicely. :smile:
    Hmmm, it's probably a mistake. Did you pay $2,100 for your daily zippy?
  6. Hhahahahha isn't that the truth!!! Ughh I'm so bad I keep loosing sleep between night shifts bc I keep thinking the SA will call or text me when They got these items in!!! Lol nutso for sure (about myself)
  7. Cuteandcouture, I completely understand the anxiety regarding fuchsia!!! I even attached a pic of a fuchsia flap to my SA contact on my phone, so when I get the call I will see it's my fuchsia mini calling! Lol! I'm really bad! :smile:
  8. I think I just bought the zippy -- didn't know what it was called. Have to pick it up this weekend. I liked it better because it was cross body and had a silver chain. I got a beigy color but Saks had it in a mint-type green color as well. And I know I paid more than 2100 for it.

    The mini, even the one with the slightly longer chain, looks bulky when carried cross body and the chain is shorter than the zippy, which hits at a good place on my hip.
  9. You're lucky to have been able to see the zippy and try her on, lulilu! That's the best way to see if a bag works for you and I'm glad you found that she did. For me, the rectangle mini is the perfect size and has the perfect strap length. Anything too much smaller, larger, shorter or longer may be too risky for me to order sight unseen.

    Thanks for letting us know about the price! Another source said the zippy was $2400?

    Looking forward to seeing your reveal! :smile:
  10. Thanks. The mini rectangle is less bulky than the square. I forget the price as I was looking at a bunch of different small bags, including the Celine triple pouch (forget its name) and a cute square Lanvin cross-body bag (but I hate that bow thing). The Lanvin had a nice longer strap as well. I need to figure out how to post photos with my IPhone and Mac Air.
  11. Agree on the depth...I paid 2100

  12. I'm not sure who paid more for the daily zippy, because my tag reads $2,100 plus tax of course. Here's a tag for reference. Now I wonder if it comes in a bigger size with a diff price though. :smile:
  13. Daily zippy gets my vote! The closure is much better and I would prefer this!
  14. I believe the daily zippy only comes in one size and the price is $2100. The bragmybag website had it incorrectly priced at $2400. Thanks for clearing up the price confusion, panthere55 and zaraha! :smile:
  15. Thanks, artax! I do like the closure on the daily zippy because it looks like the mini. :smile: