Daily Zippy vs. Rectangle Mini

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  1. Please do post pics when you go to Europe next month, ang2383!!! :smile:
    Tell me about it, ang2383! I should stay away from that SS 14 thread too...very, very bad for my wallet! I should really put myself on a ban now, then lift it when my fuchsia mini arrives! :smile:
  2. That's too bad, dingdong79...those SA's should frequent tPF for continuing education. Hope you can find a daily zippy soon to see what it's like IRL! :smile:
  3. You are so lucky! Please do share whatever you see and have a great trip =)
  4. Haha that's so true! Eek indeed =) I can't stop thinking about the turquoise and fuchsia minis my husband thinks I've lost my mind lol (which I may have lol!)
  5. I've lost my mind too, newcalimommy! I just came from my yoga class and when the instructor said to "set your intention" I was thinking "find a turquoise mini". I am so bad! :smile:
  6. Oh that is tooo funny! You actually made me laugh at this one! I hope good karma finds its way to you (and an extra one for the rest of us who want one, too) in the form of this mini!
  7. :smile: :smile: :smile:

  8. Daily zippy is much smaller in terms of space. I didn't like woc in this color due to quilts look flat. Hope you get your mini which is better option in terms of space. :smile:
  9. i am no help but I have to say I love this color! Wow!:love:
  10. There is a Boy Brick coming in this color in the small size for $3400. You can see it on Chanel.com. But, the whole bag is not this color. The front has a plexi plate with the large CCs and a sort of ombre tone which goes from the Tiffany blue at the top to a navy blue at the bottom. I like it and think it would be a great crossbody option for summer! Maybe something to consider, but the Brick is obviously a very different style from the classic.

    I tried a bag similar to the Daily Zippy and while I loved it, it looked bulky and awkward when filled. Even a small wallet causes it to bulge because it really is a flat pouch. You would have to use a card case and not much else. Otherwise, I love the shape, the size, the fact that it is crossbody, but there is no real capacity to it. HTH!
  11. All of this info helps me stay content with my decision -- and glad the SA pointed me in the right direction even though they had both in stock and the WOC is less expensive (and therefore I'm assuming a smaller commission). Happy I chose the WOC instead of the zippy! But if a mini comes out...that would be just perfect... I will post pics when I get my WOC!
  12. I do like my zippy I have to say. It looks like it doesn't fit as much as woc, but daily zippy is split into 2 compartments, making each of them smaller than one compartment in woc. I like that it's cross body and that it looks like a bag on the outside...but I definitely would suggest you guys look at it in store before buying it. They are not stocked that much either
  13. Yes, I think I'll be happier if I don't settle for less than a mini, zaraha. I also don't like the WOC for the same reasons as you, plus the small CC. I hope they release the turquoise mini in the US! :smile:
  14. Ahhhh, me too, bluekit! :smile: