Daily Zippy vs. Rectangle Mini

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  1. Some of us *cough* are focused on the whole rainbow so do keep checking that shopping thread as we go from one obsession to the other (or all of them simultaneously). I don't know that I'd get something that's even smaller than a WOC for myself, personally, so you have helped me, OP, to decide that this Daily Zippy won't work for me and my lifestyle. If I learn anything on this color in a mini, I'll surely post it.
  2. Hmm I asked a saks SA and specifically about the turquoise rectangular mini and she said they were not receiving any. Their seems to be a mini in turquoise in Europe but it is not confirmed I think.

    Sorry I don't have definitive info. This is the blue I'm looking for in the mini!
  3. I think there is a larger bag (jumbo?) somewhere but I don't recall which store is getting it. When I see jumbo, I just kind of tune out as that's too big for me. If I see it again, I'll share the info. Hopefully it's not a EU exclusive like other things are.
  4. I don't own either, but OMG THE COLOR IS SO PRETTY! That's my favorite color right there. Judging by looks, I like the WOC more though. Good luck deciding thoughh!

  5. I saw one at the west palm beach wort ave botique last time I was there it was in patent though I dnt know if you are intrested my SA told me it was a rectangular mini super rare
  6. Yes! I read that post too! Someone posted their SA from Italy said they will be getting a caviar mini in fuchsia AND turquoise! :woohoo::yahoo:

    I'll try to take a pic and post since I am going to Italy/France next month! We'll see how true it is!
  7. Hehe, I am afraid to keep reading the Spring thread. I think I'll be addicted and end up focusing on the rainbow too. Very bad for my wallet. I should go on a ban after I get my fuchsia babies :ban:
  8. I've also been trying to find a daily zippy in person to check out. Went to one chanel boutique and NM and they both had no clue what I was talking about.
  9. I agree, Cuteandcouture, the WOC is small enough as is...no need to go any smaller with a daily zippy! Guess that decides it for me. Still waiting on my fuchsia mini, too!!! :smile:
  10. Same here, tutushopper...and yes, please do post anything you hear about a turquoise mini!!! :smile:
  11. Oh dear...we're in the same boat, newcalimommy! And unfortunately, it's not the boat heading to Europe to get turquoise minis! Eek! :smile:
  12. Bloomingdale's has the Daily Zippy in this color as I recall.
  13. Jumbo is also too large for me, tutushopper. Yes, please share intel for the benefit of others. :smile:
  14. I think it's so pretty too, Eruamme! That's why I want a piece of this rainbow in turquoise. :smile:
  15. Huh? A turquoise mini, zeeni26? I'm going to PM you now for your SA info! :smile: