Daily Zippy vs. Rectangle Mini

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  1. PC, i will be doing a reveal soon with dior that includes royal blue, kelly green and turquoise :graucho: you might be interested ;):biggrin:
  2. I'm really loving the little Miss Dior Promenade Pouch too, I am definitely tempted to get some - yes (gulp) I did say some as I cannot choose between the colours they are so nice, I've managed to narrow it down to three I think at last count, lol. Three seems so much worse buying together of the same bag than two somehow, I'm hoping I can maybe manage to decide on two to save my hubby rolling his eyes as usual!!!

    The turquoise Dior is beautiful, it would certainly be a lovely choice. Be sure to let us all know what you choose.
  3. Me too, can't wait to see your Dior reveal!!!
  4. yay!!! waiting for the last piece and then will be ready for the reveal!!! :biggrin:

    dior has such wonderful colors...glad tutu enabled, errrrr i mean "helped" us on our maiden dior journeys!! :lol:
  5. what have you narrowed down to???? please join us on our dior/chanel thread if you have not already!!! :smile:

    and i lol'd at the rolling eyes hubby thing! i think we can all relate :lolots:
  6. The colours certainly are wonderful, I just wish I had a Dior close to home as it's so much easier/nicer shopping for bags in person rather than trying to online.
  7. In fairness my hubby is very tolerant and very generous but he does like to tease me, lol. So far the colours I'm thinking of are the fuchsia, I also strangely enough think I like the bright lime green though I haven't ever seen it in person and of course black - the black can perhaps wait to let me narrow it down to two as black should always be available.
  8. Might be interested, txrosegirl??? No, I'm DEFINITELY interested in seeing this Dior reveal!!! I'm still torn between turquoise and royal blue and I'm still not ruling out getting both as an eventual possibility. :graucho:

    I will, LVoe Louis! I actually like both the Promenade and NLP, plus I like turquoise and royal blue...so I'm thinking that I may want to get both colors (one in each style) in time. Not right away, my bank account needs to recover after Chanel! ;)
  9. I'm such a good helper. :smile:
  10. So how do you like your Daily Zippy? Is it the larger one then?
  11. Hello,
    Do you think it is still available at your store? Thank you

  12. I highly doubt it because they only had one at the time. Check with Saks to see if they still have any around.

  13. Thanks, I already called them and they are sold out :sad:
  14. I think you can try crossing time. They are very similar in terms of capacity and look! And crossing time is in season!