Daily Zippy vs. Rectangle Mini

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  1. Is there anyone who owns both a Daily Zippy and a Rectangle Mini? I'd love to hear input and a comparison between the two, which one you use more often and love more...and why.

    I'm loving the 14S turquoise color and apparently, it only comes in a Daily Zippy and WOC, as far as the small sizes go. Looks wise, I much prefer the Daily Zippy between the two, simply because it looks like a mini whereas the WOC does not.

    I don't carry much at all and my stuff fits very nicely in a mini, but I know the Daily Zippy doesn't have the same width and was wondering what stuff fits nicely without looking overstuffed and bulky. Appreciate everyone's input...thanks! :smile:

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  2. wow the daily zippy is so cute, what is the cost of this bag? I would imagine between a WOC and a mini?
  3. IIRC, the Daily Zippy is $2,400 US? That would make it the same price as a mini.
  4. Oh wow, these two bags are gorgeous! I like the look of the daily zippy more too, but wow, it's the same price as a mini. You might as well get the mini then.
  5. Yes, ang2383...I would SO get the mini if anyone had them, but I don't think anyone does. :sad:
  6. o wow, it is much larger than the woc so I guess that makes sense. I really love the zippy in that teal. Let us know what you decide!
  7. Man, if this color comes in the mini, I might have to get one myself! Did you check the Spring 2014 thread? Maybe some of the girls there have more intel. Spring bags are just trickling in so you never know! Let us know what you decide.
  8. I do love this color a lot! So far, after reading through the SS 14 thread, I found nothing confirming the existence of a 14S turquoise mini. I just don't know if I should give the daily zippy a try or if I shouldn't settle for my second choice because my first choice is non-existent. I will let you know what I end up deciding, it will be tomorrow! :smile:

    I still hope someone chimes in who owns a daily zippy! :smile:

  9. Daily zippy is $2,100 not 2,400.
  10. I was having this same debate today! According to the SA - the WOC fits MUCH more than the zippy. I guess because the zippy is slightly smaller in measurement and then also because it has two separate sections - one with the zipper on back and the front with the flap - that it fits less. But I was very tempted as I like that you could probably fit your phone in the zip pocket for easy access and then in the front pocket you can fit cards, cash, lipstick, etc. Definitely not fit as much as a mini --"less than a WOC" is what the SA said. Also it doesn't have card slots and it wouldn't fit a wallet - but maybe a card holder? And I'm not positive of the chain length - I think they are both similar in chain length. I also wasn't certain if I loved the side view of the zippy - how it looks like two bags stuck together. But I love that it has the CC closure which is much better than the WOC's snap IMO. I'd love to see it in real life to see how this looks when wearing it. I had such a hard time deciding as I love this color - but based on the SA recommendation I stuck with the WOC. I will post pics when it arrives... Good luck - I don't think you can go wrong as they both are great! And maybe there will be a mini...
  11. Thanks, zaraha! I appreciate the correction. :smile:
  12. Keep following that thread! It might be too early to tell. Everyone is so focused on the fuchsia right now (including me!) so that could be it. I think it would be better to maybe call up some SAs in various boutiques, saks/nm/bg/hirsh.

    I saw Hirsh has a turquoise patent woc.
  13. Good food for thought, sluvschanel! I didn't realize that the WOC could fit more...hmm. Now I'm even more confused! I wish I could physically try both bags and decide, but unfortunately I can't. Decisions, decisions... :smile:
  14. Okay, ang2383, I'm definitely following the thread, even if it progresses at warp speeds! Appreciate the advice and I will contact SA's from stores I haven't already contacted. :smile:
  15. Hmmm are they the same color??? I kinda prefer the WOC over the zippy, it's small enough as is, and it's 2 separate compartments, I think I would rather have the WOC n plus the tone of the WOC looks more favorable to me. Good luck deciding.... I'm still waiting for my fushia mini! Lol