Daily VB post! NEW PICS!!!

  1. :nuts: LOVE the black suit with red lipstick and nails!!!:love:
    vic_olympusmattny1.jpg vic_olympusmattny10.jpg vic_bungalow8ny5.jpg vic_bungalow8ny9.jpg vic_bungalow8ny14.jpg vic_manhattanshop4.jpg
  2. i love the red shoes, red lipstick and red nails with the black outfit in the first set of pictures.
    but the one of her walking in the street...it looks like she took an oversized sweater and put a belt on it and decided to walk out into the world with it...I don't like her choice of clothing in the last picture. it's just weird.
  3. I'm loving her haircut, I mean the extensions are pretty played out.
  4. Great hair cut- she's got that fab purse again, and I wonder what the string around her wrist is- it's not a red Kabbalah string-what is it?
  5. i think im the only person whos sick of this haircut already... it was cute for a week but now its old... change it up love
  6. She looks like a clown with all that makeup on. Why does she look so unhappy all the time. There is not spark of life or emotion in her face ever. She looks truly unhappy. You'd think with all she has going for her in her life that every so often you might see a happy look cross her face.
  7. The blonde woman sitting next to her looks highly amused. She has a cream colored bag on the floor under her chair. Is it Hermes?
  8. I don't think she looks unhappy. She just isn't smiling. She said on her Beckhams documentary she doesn't like cheesing for the papparazzi, it feels corny.
  9. smh @ her grapefruit boobs. Can she at least try to make them look real?
  10. not liking the red lippie on her one little bit, it looks yukky :biggrin:
  11. Love her
  12. For once I´ll say something nice about her : LOVE HER LIPSTICK !!
    BTW : anyone knows which one it is ???? (or a similar )
  13. Its called BOTOX!!!! LOL
  14. Egads, her boobs look deadly... like they could poke me eyes out with them or she could deflect bullets off with them. Those are some pretty hard looking boobies... :sweatdrop:

    But I still like her ensemble! Love her shoes!:drool:
  15. I think she is a lovely woman HOWEVER Im so frickin sick of the "LOOK" like in pic 1. And she seems to be posing allllll the time! Also...she must get tired...they go out more than most 20 year olds I know.