Daily toner?

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  1. Hi! Looking for some skincare advice. My skin has gone a bit wacky with the change in weather, so I’m tweaking my routine a bit, and I’m confused about toner specifically.

    For background, I used to really struggle with acne, and since using Accutane, my skin is dry, often dehydrated, and reactive. And I’m still prone to hormonal breakouts.

    A couple of years ago, I read through Caroline Hirons’s blog and beautypedia, and came up with the following routine that has worked generally well (I don’t have the exact names of the products handy):

    Simple brand cleanser
    FAB pads as toner
    Clinique moisture surge spray
    FAB ultra calming cream

    Eucerin calming cleanser
    Clinique mild toner
    Clinique moisture surge spray
    FAB ultra calming cream -or- Dr Jart Ceramidin cream (winter) -or- Kate Somerville dilo oil (winter)

    This hasn’t been working well this fall (my skin is dehydrated and breaking out) so after calming it down with a few weeks of lathering on the dilo oil and moisture spray, I’ve added Kate Somerville quench serum in the AM and Sunday Riley Good Genes in the PM. Because the KS has retinol and the GG is a lactic acid treatment, I’m confused how to switch up my toner. It feels like too much exfoliation to continue on with the FAB in the AM, and I’ve stopped using the Clinique now that they’ve reformulated.

    Am I looking at toners all wrong? I think of them as exfoliants. Is it best practice to use morning and night?

    Sorry so long! All thoughts and recommendations welcome.
  2. Forgot to add—I use Elta MD sunscreen daily, too!
  3. Acid toners are exfoliants, but there are hydrating toners as well. You may want to switch out the FAB pads for a hydrating toner and/or a hyaluronic acid in the morning. I was able to use acid toner (P50) in the morning, and prescription retin at night during summer, but as soon as the temperature dropped, my skin became dry for that. I'm now using Indie Lee CoQ 10 toner in the morning.
    The KS Quench has retinol? Is it ok to use in the morning? I would not use it in the same routine as Good Genes. Either alternate nights, or use one in the morning and one at night.
  4. Thanks for your very helpful response! I’ll check out the Indie Lee toner.

    So do you not use acid toners at all in the winter?

    Sephora lists the KS serum as having retinol. I’ve been using that in the morning, and the SR good genes every other night.
  5. I do still use acid toner. Now that my skin is dryer from the cold, I've been alternating nights between Lotion P50 and prescription retinol, and not using an acid in the morning. The P50 is quite strong. I could use a milder acid toner (like Pixie Glow Tonic) in the morning, and retin at night, but I want to keep using the P50.
    The KS in the morning and the Good Genes at night sounds like a good routine if it is working for you skin. It just might be too much to use the FAB pads and the KS in the same routine, now that you feel dryer. Maybe use them the alternate nights to the Good Genes?
  6. I'm a big fan of Sunday Riley's Good Genes but I don't use it more than 3 - 4 times per week
    & I don't use it when I use retinol oil as it is too drying for my skin.
    I also skip the Lotion P50 because it it too much now that the weather is changing.
    I just started using Nanette de Gaspe tonic which I am liking & also use an essence which is soothing.
  7. I have tried many different toners, and imo Obagi has the best one. It makes your skin feel clean and fresh but isn’t drying at all. Supposedly it restores your skin’s natural pH balance. The bottle isn’t cheap—around $42, I think—but it does last a long time.
  8. Thanks for all of the recommendations! I picked up the Indie Lee toner a few days ago and I’m really enjoying it.

    I appreciate the specific recommendations, and also the advice of when to use what. I’m alternating the GG and FAB pads, and relying on the IL toner for the other mornings and nights. My skin is feeling pretty good right now.
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  9. That Indie Lee toner is great. I would switch off between that and an acid toner though, as an above poster mentioned. Acid toners encourage cell renewal, which is key. They are godsends for so many people.

    For a budget pick there's Pixi Glow Tonic; for premium Biologique P50 (Google around for info on it. There's a lot to digest before you purchase).
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  10. I like SKII, it makes my skin very soft, started using it recently tho but the result amazes
  11. I’m on a accutane right now, plus living in a dry, northern Canada winter. It’s pretty rough on my skin! I swear by hadalabo gokujun lotion, it’s a toner filled with hylaronic acid. I pat it in in layers, sometimes as many as five if I’m really dry. I also loved it when I was using prescription retinol before I went on accutane, really helped combat some of the dryness!
  12. I like toners with ethanol base, I think toner is kind of an additional cleaning and preparation step for your skin to absorb only necessary from the creams and masks you apply after
  13. I love Glossier's Solution!