daily sunscreen...whats the best??

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  1. What is a good one too use daily?? thanks
  2. i love la roche-posay's anthelios fluide extreme SPF 50+ for face because it's really really light and not greasy at all, and doesn't sting my skin or cause hives/breakouts /irritation like a majority of the sunblocks that i've used. it's almost a watery texture and absorbs very quickly.


    i also like powder sunscreens because they're super fast and easy to use but it's difficult to tell how much you've actually gotten on your face. two i like are:



  3. my HG sunscreen is neutrogena dry touch sunscreen with spf 45. It's the only one that doesn't leave me feeling greasy. it goes under makeup very well.
  4. I also use La Roche-Posay, but I go for the lighter formula because I have oily skin.
  5. where do you get this?
  6. in Europe you only get this in pharmacies

    I use Shiseido Anessa, non greasy and great makeup base
  7. I have extremely sensitive skin. Shiseido, Clinique, Estee Lauder, Kanebo, Kose, Neutrogena did not work for me. Clarins & Lancome were ok. Currently using Biotherm (the best for me so far):tup::-
  8. I have oily, fair skin and I like Elta MD. I also like Skinceuticals.
  9. You can get it at some CVS pharmacies and I think maybe even some longs drugs..I use this daily also and it's the best!!
  10. I use this one in the summer, and Dove sunscreen in the winter because my skin needs the extra moisture.
  11. I like Neutrogena Dry Touch Sunscreen, as mentioned above. I also like Olay. They are inexpensive and do the trick!
  12. I'm also with Neutrogena Dry Touch. It's not greasy and absorbs well on my oily skin.
  13. I use makeup base everyday which contains SPF, but when it starts to get very sunny I will start using Shiseido Sun Protection cream (SPF 55). Normally SPF 15 or 20 is a good daily sunscreen for me, but it just gets so darn sunny here that you have to protect your skin!
  14. I usually just slather on Shiseido The Skincare moisturizer, which is supposed to have SPF in it. But I've been considering getting a separate sunblock, because it's way too sunny out here lately.
  15. I like La Mer teint fluid, Its a sunscreen with a tint to it, very soft.