Daily skin regime?

  1. Never mind, I see this topic has already been posted! Thanks!
  2. i do not particularly use toner...i splash cold water after cleansing my face! helping to minimize pores...and spray rose water over sometimes...

    before i use day moisturizer and night moisturizer too but now i tend to use one for both!!

    before i tend to use several thousands of diff kind of products...now i juz want to keep it simple hoping less is more...

    1. face cleansing
    (if the day i have make up on, i will use cleansing wipe first and then cleansing oil)
    2. splash cold water over face
    3. spray rose water
    4. eye cream
    5. moisturizer

    (i may exfoliate once a week...do hydration mask twice a week during winter because i have combination skin i may use cleansing mask on t-zone once a week especially summer)