Daily reasons our SOs are great parents!

Sep 30, 2007
VA (DC Burbs)
This just seemed like such a great idea because it is so easy to lose sight of why our SOs are great parents. Being a parent is so hard that I think it's good to look at the little things our SOs do to make it easier for YOU and great for the kids.

So.... if you can, one a day to remind yourself of why your SO is such a great parent....
Sep 30, 2007
VA (DC Burbs)
For me, my DH isn't home that much when the kids are awake, but he is a great dad and loves being with his kids.

My 'moment' for the day was this:

DH didn't come to bed until 5 am because he was working on the payroll program of the org. where he is Treasurer. It was all messed up and they have a meeting all day today, so he wanted to get it fixed.

So... at 7 am our LO wakes up and crawls into bed with us and since we are crashing on the pull out full size sofa while our bathroom is being remodeled, there's no room for two adults and a preschooler. Anyway, LO was cuddling with me and then he rolls over and squeezes my husband's nose.

This man who has had no sleep (2 hours) opens his eyes smiles at the little squirt and kisses LO on the nose and tries to fall back to sleep.

That shows DH's true character if he can be woken from a sleepless night and smile at his disturber instead of growling or swatting the little hand away in a half slumber. It just warmed my heart this morning.


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Jul 31, 2006
^That´s the most adorable thing! My SO loves our daughter to bits, sometimes I catch him just staring at the crib when she is sleeping. He is calmer than me (I sometimes panic that she´s sick when she cries for no reason, the reason usually being just boredom) and he pampers me.


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May 17, 2007
Everywhere but Home!
My husband when he is home. Wakes up with the kids,changes them, plays with them and lets me sleep! Because I might be up several times a night while he is dozing...


Nov 1, 2006
My SO for just being a great parent every single day! My son has grown into a caring, kindhearted young man because of him, and he is an excellent male role model.

This morning he went into DS's room and helped him clean up and put his things away neatly. They'll be going out together later when he'll coach DS's basketball team.
Jun 16, 2006
My husband is awesome with our son! He always plays with him and takes him to the park after work. On the weekends they go off together and hike and then go to lunch and the bookstore. He also gives him a bath most nights and we switch off reading him a story.
I think many fathers are active in their children's lives now (compared to when I was growing up) and it's really great to see that.


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Dec 28, 2007
what is really great right now, is that i can't walk that well [i waddle painfully] so if we are upstairs and we here that one of the boys is up he will get up and go down and see what they need. he also gets my oldest off to school every morning and drops him off. i can hear them going over his homework and practicing his spelling words. he gets the lil guy breakfast...and he does all that so that i can stay in bed a bit longer :]]


Aug 27, 2006
My DH has storytime with my belly some evenings when he is home early before I sleep. He's a chef, so he reads her his favorite receipe books from the great chefs in Europe...LOL. He wants her to grow up to be a gourmand.


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Feb 17, 2008
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My husband is ALWAYS playing with our son!! I mean, playing!! They whip out all the nerf guns and play "war":roflmfao:. Wrestle on the ground, play video games together, cars, the whole nine yards. And he is always helping him put away all this toys (that he himself played with!) in his room so Tommy isn't stuck doing it all himself. Sometimes I'll come upstairs and hear the two of them playing star wars (with action figures) in his room, its the cutest thing! I swear, my hubby is a big kid himself! And whats even more wonderful is that after working a 60 hour work week, he still gets up a little early to hang out with tommy and give him breakfast in the morning before i wake up since he knows tommy will be in bed when he gets home from work.:heart: On the weekend, I almost feel left out cuz they're spending all the time together!