Daily necklace: VCA Sweet Alhambra Hammered or Cartier Sweet Trinity necklace?

Which necklace should I get?

  • VCA Sweet Alhambra

    Votes: 46 74.2%
  • Cartier Sweet Trinity

    Votes: 16 25.8%

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May 1, 2023
Currently deciding purchasing one of these necklaces for Christmas. Which one should I purchase? Both necklaces look lovely and I would appreciate any thoughts and suggestions. Thank you!


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Personally I am not a fan of chains directly touching a pendant. My theory is that the chains would rub the pendant over time and make marks.
Generally, pendant necklaces tend not to move much when worn. However, over a long period of time, especially if it is daily wear, and taking it off and on, the rubbing of the chain on the Cartier trinity pendant would eventually show some wear where the chain touches.

I'm all for the VCA alhambra if it is full gold, especially in hammered gold, it would do very well for daily wear. :tup:
I absolutely adore my RG Sweet Alhambra, but what someone else wrote above, you need to love that dainty look. I always read from others to get the vintage size but I find that a bit too much for my frame. I think the sweet size is perfect for everyday wear.

I’ve worn mine pretty much everyday since I bought it for myself as a birthday present in March and I’m still SO obsessed with it.

The cartier trinity necklace isn’t my favorite piece from them (look-wise)
I have both necklaces and switch back and forth but tend to wear my sweet alhambra since I lean more towards girly jewelry.

If you want something that stands out and is more eye catching, I’d recommend going with the Cartier trinity. I’ve noticed more people complimenting my trinity.

Both are beautiful pieces and great for everyday wear.
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Thanks for your reply. So is the 42 cm trace chain thicker than the sweet chain. I just purchased the 42 cm and it is thinner than my long 70 cm trace chain. But not by much. I wonder how strong it is.
Update: I ended up purchasing the sweet alhambra necklace. It has been my daily necklace since I bought it last Christmas. It’s super sparkly and dainty for everyday use while being low maintenance. Highly recommend this as a VCA starter piece.
Hi there! Is the motif itself sparkly? The chain and the beaded edge of the motif look sparkly. I tried to zoom in on pics to see if the hammered portion is matte or if it’s shiny/polished but it’s difficult to tell. How does it look up close, in person? It looks like the hammered part is both matte in some areas and shiny in some?
Yes, the hammered part is partially matte and shiny. It is matte in the flat areas and shiny in the raised areas. Overall, they still reflect light well and sparkle beautifully so I would not worry about it not being sparkly enough. It gives off a subtle sparkle unlike the guilloche which is super sparkly. It really depends on what look you are going for.
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