Daily Make-up Routine

  1. I know we all don't wear make-up on a daily basis but for those of us who do, what's your daily make up routine?

    I have PERFECTED that 5-minute face routine. Normally, I'm trying to get 3 kids ready, myself and make sure my big kid has what he neesd.

    1. Tinted moisturizer
    2. Translucent powder
    3. Brow highlighter
    4. Blush (when I feel like it)
    5. Eyeliner
    6. Tinted gloss

    It's so quick, so easy. I'm a pro LOL
  2. Mine is pretty easy too! After skin care is on (moisturizer and eye cream), I do:

    Rosebud Salve Lip Balm
    Chanel Vitalumiere Aqua Foundation
    Clinique Touch Base for Eyes, if I have the time
    Eyelash curler - always! When I want to kick up my eyes a notch, Dior Show Iconic
    Lip liner
  3. I feel like I go through quite a process every morning! But, I love it:smile:

    1. MaryKay moisturizer
    2. MaryKay eyecream
    3. Smashbox face primer
    4. MaryKay liquid foundation
    5. MAC paint pot on eyes
    6. MAC natural msf on face
    7. Benefit high beam highlighter on nose and around eyes
    8. Benefit high brow on brows
    9. Tarte blush
    10. MAC eyeshadows - usually use 2-4 depending on how much time I have
    11. Urban Decay eyeliner
    12. MAC PP msf to use as bronzer and highlighter powder)
    13. MAC lipstick
    14. MAC lipgloss on top of l/s
    15. Mascara - right now I'm obsessed with Fairydrops mascara!
    16. Then I spritz on some perfume before I wake up my 2 kids to get them ready!
  4. use a tinted moisturizer, sunblock, kohl on my eyes, mascara, lip liner & lipstick

    sometimes eye shadow..
  5. For work (I use more when I'm going out at night, such as eyeliner and more eyeshadow, and lip gloss):

    1. SPF face cream
    2. Eye cream
    3. A little bit of foundation only where necessary
    4. Concealer
    5. Cream Eyeshadow and sometimes eyeliner
    6. Plenty of mascara
    7. Blush
    8. Highlighter
    9. lip balm
  6. I usually go for the five-minute routine too:

    1) Moisturizer
    2) Face Primer
    3) Bare Escentuals Matte Foundation
    4) Eye Primer
    5) Eyeshadow
    6) Eyeliner
    6) Eyelash Curler
    7) Lip balm
    8) Lip gloss
    9) Blush (sometimes)
    1. Proactiv Moisturizer
    2. Bare Escentuals Mineral Veil as primer
    3. Bare Escentuals Matte Foundation
    4. Nars bronzer + blush
    5. UDPP Eye primer
    6. Eyeshadow
    7. Eyeliner (sometimes)
    8. Fill in eyebrows
    9. Bare Escentuals Mineral Veil to set makeup
    10. Curl eyelashes
    11. Mascara base
    12. Mascara
  7. Lately:
    1. Neutrogena Moisturizer
    2. Hard Candy Primer
    3. MUFE Duo Mat foundation
    4. MAC MSFN
    5. Eyeshadow primer/ Eyeshadow if I decide to wear it.
    6. Eyeliner and Mascara
    7. Blush and Lipstick or gloss.
  8. 1. Biotherm moisturizer
    2. MUFE HD foundation
    3. Bare Escentuals Mineral powder
    4. Mascara
    7. Eyeliner
    8. Blush
    9. Sheer lipgloss
  9. 1.) wash face using Neutrogena Microbeads with my Classic Clarrisonic.
    2.) apply Korres (oil free) moisturizer.
    3.) eyeliners using MAC Fluidline (backtrack) and MAC 209 blush.
    4.) MAC concealer under eyes.
    5.) Dior (Nude; in light beige, #20) foundation apply with disposable latex sponge.
    6.) light blush
    7.) Dior mascara

    All under 20 minutes. It'll take me approximately 30 minutes if I want to do eyeshadows but that's for special occasions only.
  10. 1. Serum - either Gatineau or Guerlain
    2. Gatineau day cream
    3. Primer
    4. MAC foundation (Select Tint, SPF 15), in the summer mixed with MAC lustre drops
    5. MAC mineralize powder
    6. MAC eyeshadows (1-4 depending on time, mood and look)
    7. Guerlain Le 2 Mascara Volume in noir 2 laque
    8. Blush - MAC Bite of an Apple, Giggly or Peaches
    9. Lipstick, lipgloss or lip balm
    10. Guerlain Meteorites powder pearls to add a bit of shimmer on cheeks.
  11. 1. Cargo OneBase concealer under eyes
    2. Laura Mercier Silk Creme foundation
    3. UDPP/TFSI
    4. Anastasia brow powder
    5. Blush
    6. Eyeshadow
    7. MAC fluidline on upper and lower lids
    8. Maybelline Falsies mascara
    9. Lipgloss
  12. 10-15 minutes, depending on how slow I'm moving:

    1. Moisturizer
    2. Foundation
    3. Blush
    4. Bronzer
    5. Powder
    6. Eyeshadow
    7. Liner
    8. Mascara
  13. 1- face moisturizer

    2- cover girl tinted moisturizer (blended in with fingers)

    3- bare minerals matte foundation (used only under eyes/ around nose/ on spots... applied with bare minerals concealer brush)

    4- I buff in the bare minerals with a face brush to bend into the rest of my face.

    5- cover girl face powder with same face brush

    6- NARS Laguna bronzer applied with a large face brush

    7- NARS sex appeal blush, followed by Benefit Corlaista just on apples of cheeks (blended in to eachother)

    8- MAC phloof all over lid

    9- MAC black eye shadow to line top lid

    10- Almay water-proof mascara

    11- MAC eye shadow used to fill in brows (idk..it works:p)

    12- Cover girl clear brow gel to keep brows in place
  14. 1. Estee Lauder Doublewear light foundation
    2. Laura Mercier Secret Camoflage
    3. NYC loose powder
    4. Guerlain terracotta bronzer
    5. UD 24/7 eyeliner
    6. Deja vu fibrewig mascara
    7. Blusher
    8. Vaseline Rosy lipbalm
    9. Lipstick