Daily lotions w/gradual tanners that don't turn you orange?

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  1. Before you guys yell at me for not searching, I did and it seems like the other sunless tanning threads are centered around actual tanning lotions and products (like Mystic Tan or Fake Bake). I'm looking for a daily moisturizing lotion with a gradual tanner - something that doesn't require gloves, tissues, wipes, etc. Something that I could use like regular lotion every day that can slightly darken my skin. I'm currently using Nivea Sunkissed Moisturizer and it smells nice but after three weeks I'm realizing it's giving off more of an orange glow, not brown. I had the same reaction with Jergens when I used it. Is it because I'm asian and my skin just tints differently? I dunno. Does anyone else have any daily lotions that "tan" better?
  2. I'm using Neutrogena's Build-a-Tan and it's working nicely for me...i don't use it daily because after a few applications I'm good for a few days. It was featured in Allure magazine for "Reader's Choice Awards" that's the reason I went out and got it. haha
  3. I have tried both Dove and Oil of Olay and I think the Dove is pretty nice. Make sure that if you have light skin you get the one for light skin. Otherwise it could make you orange and a bit streaky.

    I have also heard great things about the Loreal Sublime glow.
  4. I like Neutrogena's Natural Glow moisturizer. As long as you get the right one for your skin [ light / medium / dark ] then it won't leave u orange. I use it year around, and absolutelty love it!
  5. Yep, neutrogena's is really good, so is Doves :smile:
    I prefer neutrogena though, dove's smells funny, oh and Olay's is supposed to be really good :smile:
  6. I'm also using Neutrogena's right now. It's pretty subtle although I think the backs of my ankles might be a strange shade...
  7. Clarins makes one called Radiance something, it is about 75% moisture and 25% self tan. I use it every day and if they ever stop making it I will die. I love it, I am quite pale but this makes me look normal. It runs about $38.
  8. I'm Asian and tried the Jergens Natural Glow moisturizer for about 9 days, was happy with the subtle golden tone, but stopped when I took a closer look at my knees. Which were yellowy brownish orange...nas-TEEE! Whichever lotion you end up choosing, don't use it on your knees or elbows every day...instead, apply a very thin layer to those areas only every 3-4 days.

    I've heard good things about Clarins tanning lotions...I *think* they have a gradual moisturizer one.
  9. I have olive skin that also tints oddly and turns green/ashy in the winter when I'm not outside. I have tried and NOT liked Neutrogena, Jergens, Dove, Aveeno, and Hawaiian Tropic daily glow moisturizers. Last summer I came across Loreal Sublime Glow in Medium and it works fantastically. I bought a whole bunch and always have a spare on hand.
  10. I know this sounds weird but the easiest one for me is the Loreal one mixed with spf 15. It just works without that orangey look. The Loreal sublime gave me that orangey look around the ankles/feet. Someone wrote on another page that JLo uses the Body Bling....and it has great reviews. It's like $48.
  11. I use body bling too! Absolutely love it.
    It is not a self-tanner, just a bronzer. Word of caution: You have to be somewhat dark to use it since it is a pretty dramatic change. Also, it will come off on your clothes so if you are wearing white, be VERY careful.
  12. I've tried the Neutrogena and Dove, but I like the Jergen's Natural Glow +Firming best. It builds nicely and it looks natural. I echo the comment that you should NOT put it on your knees or elbows everyday.
  13. Aveeno continuous radiance for medium skin tones

    That's what I use. It's fantastic!! I started using it everyday about 2 months ago and it has actually built a tan on me. Looks extremely natural, not orange at all. It's a very good smelling lotion and it's not expensive at all.
  14. i love the loreal sublime bronze, it looks very natural not orangey. just don't forget to wash your hands when you're done.
  15. St. Ives Firm and Glow is my current favorite because the next day you do not have that nasty smell. Loreal Sublime glow is good also (little or no smell). The Jergens reacts terribly with my skin and for me has a horrible smell (same with Clarins).
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