Daily Hermes Items

  1. 1 - H sandal in the house
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  2. 1 - On my way from conference to yoga with only a 140 silk today
  3. Gavroche (Coupon Indiens)
    Picotin Vibrato
    Twilly (shoulder strap for Pico)
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  4. My numbers vary by day. Today is what I consider a non-H day - so nothing else other than these three items (which are always in my handbag):
    Silk'in wallet
    2 calvis (rouge casaque and bleu izmir right now)
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  5. Only my tpm silver chaine d'ancre earrings today. Sitting around the house in gym clothes whilst studying
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  6. 6 for today - H Apple Watch, H Clic clac, H necklace, H shoes, H silkin wallet, H money clip
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  7. Today I am working from home so only 1, bastia for my earphone as I keep putting in and taking out of the bastia for conference calls. but if I decided to go out later today I might put on a clic H bracelet. :smile:
  8. This is fun, but I am a little scared of myself right now!! Here we go:
    Bolide 35cm
    Blue indigo silk’in wallet
    Calvi, lime chèvre
    Apple Watch
    Confettis necklace and bracelet
    Blanc clic H bracelet
  9. And I forgot! Rouge H Bastia for my earbuds too!
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  10. Don’t we all are... as H makes great products we all ended up wearing / carrying almost half a dozen of H daily ... well that’s how we show our love to H
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  11. B30 malachite GHW
    silk'in - rose pourpre
    calvis - rouge casaque, bleu izmir

    I already know that tomorrow is going to be a bang up H day... ;)
  12. Scarf (La Maison des Oiseaux Parleurs)
    Apple Watch
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  13. Cityback replaced Evie today. It’s Friday after all
    Same content of the bag as everyday (5 items)
    Malo hat
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  14. 3 today - my chaine d’ancre studs, blanc clic H, and evie
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  15. We are all so branded!
    If I am just at home on a weekend lounging there is unlikely to be H except my CdC ring, so I feel a bit better :biggrin:
    But if an errand happens there will be an Evie TPM or GP depending on size of errand....

    I could get a tattoo....that would be a fun thread.
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