Daily Hermes Items

  1. I forgot another one! Bastia for my earphone so 6!
  2. Everything H count ... doesn’t matter how small it is ...show our love to H...thank you so much for sharing
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  3. H apple watch, B25, karo pm and small azap...almost forgot RTW sweater..
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  4. Too many...
    Evie 33 VH
    Toodoo as a bag organiser
    1 Calvi
    1 Bastia
    Carmen key ring
    Refillable leather fragrance case (Jardin de Mr Li)
    H belt
    Hapi 3 bracelet
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  5. Just a scarf today - but I wear one almost every day! :smile:
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  6. It's very easy, but I go for the messy look.:biggrin: I can do it blind actually without a mirror. I can pm you a photo if you like.?
  7. Adding some pictures to this thread! 5 today IMG_1220.jpg
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  8. Yes please!
  9. Calvi all day. Constance wallet for a bit
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  10. Fun Thread

    Petit h necklace
    Petit h bracelet
    Cape Cod watch
    Trim Bag
    Silk'in wallet

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  11. Rosa Sneakers
    Blue Brighton Evelyne
    White Kelly dog

    Fun thread!❤️
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  12. Hermes belt and black croc CDC IMG_4052.jpg
  13. H B30, 2 H twillies, H rodeo and H bearn wallet. Working on H Clic clac Bracelet and H Santorini Sandals
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  14. 1 - pocket square
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  15. At the countryhouse but still my usual 4 pieces ( bag, scarf/shawl, some slgs, H belt)
    - birkin bag
    - Plume shawl
    - slgs Bearn cardcase, Bastia coincase, Dogon cardcase
    - H belt

    When in town I might add H shoes and bracelet/ bracelets.