Daily Hermes Items

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  1. Four to five H items is standard for me on a daily basis. Today is four: Croisette ring, Cadena lock pendant necklace, CSGM, and CDC. The fifth item is usually a Clic Clac or Hapi.
  2. I always have two - my Silk'In compact wallet and my rose gold CdC ring. That plus a bag, minimum three. Yesterday I also wore my PM CDC bracelet.

    We'll see what today holds :biggrin:
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  3. gosh what a fun question. Lets see... I usually wear a cuff sometimes two, and of course my wallet is always with me. if i put my hair on a bun a twilly is good. sadly I dont carry a kelly as I find it too heavy for summer. a gold plume on some days.
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  4. 4 today! Bag - leather GP30, clic H bracelet, 2 rose gold rings. No scarf. Too hot for scarf lately.
  5. I work from home, so the single item I wear every single day is my Slim d'Hermes watch. If I leave the house, an H bag with H wallet and calv. Add H shoes 50% of the time.
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  6. I’d love to see how you execute the twilly with a bun! I’ve tried it a few times and failed.
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  7. Fun! 5--Evelyne, Dogon wallet, calvi, Osmose ring and cotton scarf as a headband, a la papertiger :biggrin:
  8. just one today ! Roulis23
  9. 2 plus whatever SLGs are in my So Kelly. 3, if you count my Apple Watch H.
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  10. Forgot one thing! Bearn wallet! So 5!
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  11. 6 again today - necklace, Clic clac, H Apple Watch, silkin wallet, money clip, shoes
  12. Oh if wallet and sl;gs count then I have 5 intotal

    Roulis23, 2 calvi's, bearrn wallet and 1 bastia
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  13. 2 visible: Trim purse (I rarely change purses) and a scarf.
    And way too many SLGs: 2 Calvis and a Bastia, plus I just swapped out my Dogon for a small agenda + Bastia + H phone case, which I swear is logical but we'll see how it goes.
  14. What a fun idea for a thread! I’m traveling right now. The only H items with me are 2 bracelets (Clic H and Chain D’Encre Enchainee) and a CSGM to ward off chills on the plane.
  15. Today ...
    H earrings
    140 Samurai shawl
    H boots
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