Daily Hermes Items

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  1. How many Hermes Items you wear or carry with you today?
  2. 6 ... H Apple Watch, H symbol choker, H Clic clac bracelet, H silkin wallet, H money clip and H shoes
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  3. Different days different items
    Kelly bag, fourbi, horn lacquer jewelry, oran sandals, karo, carmen & other accessories just can't think of
    at the moment
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  4. I only have three H clutches....no slg’s, scarves or rtw. I’d like to think I’m focused, but I suspect I’m really OCD.
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  5. Today 4- Evelyne, Polo Sneakers, watch and Hapi bracelet.
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  6. Farandole necklace, scarf, h Apple Watch, bolide, Kelly wallet
  7. Three- Birkin 30, azap combine in chèvre, and Bearn wallet in cyclamen. (Yes, two wallets...one has extra “shoppers perks” cards in it.
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  8. 6 - Evelyn, 2 Calvi, Bearn wallet, hapi bracelet, and enamel bracelet - oh and pareo as shawl - so 7
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  9. This is fun! Today is a standard day for me: a scarf (90cm twill) + scarf ring, an Ulysses GM, an Hermes wallet (I have a vintage lizard one, not sure as to the name), an Hermes money clip (technically a Klipdoc), one of those fabric zip pouches from a couple years ago for miscellaneous items. I often wear a piece of Hermes silver (a ring / necklace), less so horn or leather bracelets. I probably carry an Hermes bag 30% of the time. Several different sandals in the summer / in the warm climate.
  10. Today, none! :amazed:
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  11. Today - Collier de Chien ring and evelyne tpm
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  12. Today
    Kelly 28 n Twilly
    Enveloppe/ Calvi/ Bastia/ Guernsey/ Zip pouch
    petit h Silk tissue pouch n access card holder
    Barenia Etriviere belt
  13. Today: B25, silk in wallet, clic clac + double rivale, santorini sandals and the super special necklace my little one made for me for mother’s day at Sévres.
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  14. Not sure that carrying 3 H clutches at once, all day makes you OCD, it must certainly be a look, especially since most of us only have 2 hands, so what do you do with the third clutch?.
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    Great idea for a thread. For those who are interested there is another thread you may like with a few pics https://forum.purseblog.com/threads/h-it-up.549813/

    6, and apart from the scarf and perhaps the bag, I don't think most people could tell things were H

    Silk carre
    Flat Chain d'Acre scarf ring
    rg Punk earrings
    GM model simple notebook
    Nadège lace-ups