daily essentials

  1. What daily essentials do you guys carry in your bbags????
    Just for fun =)
  2. • lv wallet pti
    • lv medium agenda
    • 2 cell phones
    • balenciaga coin purse to carry 2 pack of cigs
    • powder & blush on
    • lots of candy and gums :p
  3. Oroton purse, Rogue Escape Pod, Chanel lip gloss, mobile phone, paper work / notes, Clarins 30+ day cream, pen, deodorant & purse size Chanel # 5 parfum
  4. In my black city I carry:
    MJ geranium zip wallet
    make-up bag
    eyeglass case
    cell phone in the front pocket
  5. small wallet
    large wallet-as organizer for gift cards, rarely used cards, coupons, etc.
    cell phone
    makeup case
    pocket pack of tissues
    altoids chocolate covered peppermints (try them, they are great!:smile: )
    altoids chewing gum
  6. ALWAYS: wallet, cellphone & sunglasses.....
    usually : a pen, lip liner, buisiness cards
    anything else varies.....
  7. In my city:
    Prada long wallet
    Umbrella (damn English Weather)
    Sobranie Cocktails Ciggies
    Pack of tissue
    MAC lipgloss
    Vesaline lipbalm
    Bic pen
    pair of Chanel ballerinas if I'm wearing heels (which is most days :heart:)
  8. All of the above in my city bags, when I carry a box I take out the one of the wallets.
  9. essentials
    a wristlet with
    mj skinny with cash and major cards
    tin case for gift cards
    chanel lip gloss
    little pill box


    add ons
    chanel or prada sunnies
    coach cosmetic case
    laura mercier tinted moisterizer
    silver case for business cards
  10. In my darling Work:

    • BV Continental Wallet
    • Planner
    • Mobile phone
    • iPod Mini
    • Card case
    • Makeup Pouch
    • Notebook + 5 coloured pens• Fashion Magazine
  11. Absolutely HAVE to have:
    • CCs and license!
    • my Treo
    • lots of lip gloss
    Everything else is just fluff if I have these! ;)
  12. I carry:

    1)Small wallet
    2)Makeup case (lipgloss, oil blotting paper, chapstick,eyeliner, hairclip,hand lotion)
    3)Cell phone

    7)Occasionally, my camera
  13. in my one and only bbag - blueberry courier

    sony psp
    mp3 player
    bag to put bbag in if it rains
    radley pencil case
    bottle of water

    there is loadsa space left though - i could easily fit a coat and shoes in the bag in a time of need:yes:
  14. Long wallet, cell phone, small make up bag, checkbook, passport, coin purse and sun glasses.
  15. girls we should get some pictures up in here!

    forgot to say, I always have some type of notebook/notepad and pen with me.