Daily deal type sites?

  1. So I sometimes purchase items on Gilt, hautelook etc but wondered if anyone knows of any sites like this that specifically cater to makeup purchases?
  2. I just signed up for Birchbox -- I'm awaiting my first shipment. It's not a "discount" site, but for $10/month, you receive a box filled with smaller sized items to sample. Seems like a fun way to try new things for cheap!
  3. Thank you, looks interesting!
  4. I've heard some pretty bad things about Birchbox, let us know what happens when you get your shipment!

    Hautelook isn't makeup specific but it's definitely my go to daily deals site for makeup. I've only used them for makeup, never bought anything else.
  5. So what's the word on Birchbox? What is the bad stuff they say? I was going to join cause my neice says it's great. Just wonderin'.
  6. I had Birchbox briefly but I wasn't blown away. Glossybox is a bit more expensive but seems to have bigger samples. There should be threads about both in the Beauty section.
  7. All Cosmetics Wholesale.