Daily crossbody tassel? Is tassel too big?

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  1. ImageUploadedByPurseForum1463442328.189928.jpg ImageUploadedByPurseForum1463442429.059668.jpg

    Went to look at the beautiful Marmont tote today and tried this crossbody on which is on sale. I have the Daily tote in blush and love it, and love love his color grey and a huge fan of crossbody bags. Is this tassel too over the top or does it look fun? I liked it a lot, but want to make sure that the tassel is not crazy;). Lol
  2. I love the grey too! But I do think the tassel is a bit much. Normally I love a cute tassel. Is it attached to the flap? Do you have to flip it every time you want to open the bag? That might drive me a little crazy. I like my tassels on the side. But it is a really beautiful bag overall!
  3. Thanks. Yes, I think the tassel you have to use to open but love the color and the xbody.
  4. I've been eyeing this bag too. I love how it looks on you! I don't think it's too much.

  5. It's pretty fun and cute! Now I also want either the marmont top handle or the Dionysus bamboo top handle. But will get the sale bag first and think...lol.
  6. Sale?!? Music to my ears.
  7. I like it, but admit that the tassels are a bit big.
  8. I'd go for it, the tassels make it!

  9. Yea, I agree and such a smoking deal!

  10. Yes! I think around 1150. At the boutique;). Go get one. How is your lovely Dionysus? I am debating on that too handle bamboo or the Marmont. Love the hw on Dionysus.

  11. It's great! I'm still in love with it. I would love a smaller crossbody Dionysus.
  12. it looks ok but it does seem a lil too long for me
  13. Beautiful bag! The tassels make it! It looks great on you and being on sale is a plus!