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  1. I swear I come to the PF for EVERYTHING! It is such a wonderful resource b/c my PF ladies always know so much!

    I have a silly question. I have been trying to fax a document to Italy for 2 days now and it keeps telling me I have the wrong number. It is a place of business that verified the number for me so maybe I'm suppose to dial something that I'm not? Anyhow, the number is: 011 348 691 ****
    I just have been dialing it straight without adding any more numbers...does there need to be any long distance number added to the front? I thought 011 was it...

    Thanks ladies!!!
  2. got this info.. hope it helps..

    To call an Italian phone number from the US or Canada, dial as follows:
    • first dial the US long distance code 011
    • then the country code (39 for Italy)
    • then the city code (do not drop the leading zero)
    • then the number
    For example, if the Italian phone number is 0577-555-555, you dial the following:


    In your case, you would dial: 011 39 0348 691 ****
  3. bluxcape,

    You ROCK!!!! Thank you so much. I'll try now.
  4. did it work???
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