DAGNABBIT I am digging the HH Plaid Pallenberg..but

  1. I really can't justify the $190 price tag right now! I KNOW it's a deal..but...:cursing:
  2. It's a heck of a price drop - . I've purchased some of my HH bags when they've had such a serious sale; it's just too good a deal. If you love it ... bring it home ...
  3. LOL enabler!!!! I know it's a great deal...but the restocking fee concerns me plus I just ordered an Anna Corinna bag and my wallet is aching
  4. Maybe this will help :smile:
    I posted in another thread that I bought the Saffron Pallenberg Duffle and returned it (even at the great sale price of $188) because the leather was very stiff, hard and it is a heavy bag (beautiful, but no smoosh at all). Might be different since your bag has more fabric, as opposed to all leather, but there are just better choices out there, IMO...
  5. I understand where you're coming from ... I've only ever returned two bags, but it was for stupid-my-own-fault reasons. I haven't ever CANCELLED an order. It think that's when the restocking fee is incurred. And I guess if an item is discounted 75% or something, you can't return it at all.

    I guess it's just a good thing that we have to think about our purchases more - that way we can really KNOW that we want it. Online shopping is hard, especially for a handbag you've never seen IRL before. My first HH purchase was for a saddle Inka on eBay - after that, I knew I was an HH fan and have tried to stick with purchasing directly from them (or friends who didn't want theirs after all - ).
  6. Weeeellll, the LAbor Day Sale had it at $118 so I pulled the trigger..ACK! That and the ANna Corinna this weekend. May have to sell my Goldenbleu clutch to justify this!!!:drool:
  7. Aw good for you! I am sure that you will enjoy your new bags!