Daffy's ad...such a bad ad?...

  1. I just saw Daffy's ad in the subway (for those who don't know, Daffy's sells designers at a low price like Loehmann's and Century 21 or outlet stores and their selection has a lot of European designers)...

    anyway, the ad said

    "Almost prada for next to nada"...

    I just thought it implied that they sold FAKE prada. (like eBay auctions that say "like prada")...yuck! :throwup:
  2. The ads are so misleading and bad imho...is it just me??? I"m so disapointed in Daffy's!!! They had some really nice D&G and hype bags last time.

    I looked up the rest of the ads...Some ads are better, but here they are:

    On Nov. 1, Daffy’s will launch an ad campaign focused on outdoor venues. Ads will feature lines like:

    “Lifestyles of the upper middle class and not so famous.” :yucky:
    “Slave to fashion, Dominatrix to price.” :oh:
    “Italian style, Jewish prices.”:amazed::smash:
    “Almost Prada for next to nada.”:sick::throwup:

    quoted from the adversiting site:
    Kanter’s work has gotten high marks from Daffy’s president, Marcia Wilson.
    “From the beginning, Kanter International demonstrated that they understood and could add value to the business,” Wilson said. “The fact that their creative team has the benefit of this knowledge and also happens to be really creative was the salient selling piece to me.”
  3. This one is almost funny: “Lifestyles of the upper middle class and not so famous.”

    But the others are pretty tacky IMO.

  4. Well, I am not Jewish and I am not thin skinned, but I find that offensive.
  5. ITA!
  6. Those are tacky :yucky:
  7. I think they are pretty clever except for the "jewish prices" one. That is offensive!
  8. same here, the prada one is OK :s
  9. I've seen that add before. My husband thought it was hysterical. I wasn't impressed.
  10. I dont like them.