Daffodile - should I buy them?

Camila Lisboa

Oct 15, 2013
Hey guys! I' ve just bought my first pair of loubies, Ive chosen the simple pumps in black (very classic). The thing is: Ive seen a pair of daffodiles in a consignment store (which is online and I wont be able to try the shoes) and I cant stop thinking about them! Do u think I should buy them? My size is 36.5 for simple pumps, but im not sure if it is the same for daffodiles (for bianca the 37 was a little bigger than my feet, but 36.5 was a little tight!). What do u think? Im attaching some pictures of the shoes so u can see for urselves!

Regarding the model, the Louboutin SA told me it wont be sold anymore and they dont have any size in the store. Maybe it is not worth buying them...

Pleaaase help me!



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Aug 17, 2008
They look nice if the price and size for you is right. I would get them because it's a style you want, not just because it is a good deal. I would err on the side of smaller rather than bigger with sizing, you don't want to be slipping out of these and if they are just a little small you could probably stretch them or they'd give a little with time. The worst for me is high heels that are too big!