Daddy's Girl....are you one?


Are you a daddy's girl/mama's boy?

  1. Yes! And proud of it!

  2. Who me? I depend on only me...

  3. Yes, but my husband and wife dont care.

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  1. I am a TOTAL daddy's girl. It's hard though because my husband is nothing like my dad and I guess it's unfair to my husband because I always have expectations for him to be like my daddy. My dad doesnt ever get involved with my marital problems and never finds out unless I tell him, but if he sees that my husband is treating me like crap and being completely disrespectful (which my husband has a tendency of doing ALOT) then he will step in and stand up for me.

    So are you a daddy's girl? Or where you at one point? Where you a mama's boy?And how old is too old to be a daddy's girl?
  2. I am a FREAKISHLY HUGE daddy's girl. I looooove my father because he truly is an awesome human being. I'm also close with my mom, though.

    I do try to find guys like my dad: kind, compassionate, generous, intelligent, funny, etc. I totally worship my dad.
  3. ^LOVE that post Annie:love:

    I'm a Daddy's Girl, but I don't depend financially on him or anything:nogood:
  4. My dad gets me. I can have normal conversations with him. With my mom, I love her, but I don't like her. It's like she's always trying to fix me and conversations are full of instructions.
  5. I was a daddy's girl when I was little. Then when he met my step mother and her kids, we started to grow apart from one another. Now we don't even speak to each other.
  6. i'm more of a mommy's girl than a daddy's girl
  7. neither... or rather both I should say - both mummy and daddy's girl. don't depend on them, and getting involved in my marriage is a big NO NO FOR ME! (it would add a bunch of unnecessary complications). i don't discuss any marital issues with either, anyway. my mum is like my huggy person and my dad for rational conversations. I love both their advice and input. ah, I love my parents :heart: I will miss them like crazy once I move.... :cry:

    hm, on how old is being too old - it really depends on what it means. if it is just a mutual bond there is no age limit but if it is a case of involving with your personal life, supporting you etc - personally, since I have a family I am trying as hard as possible to be financially independent (now happening) and like I said I don't believe in getting my parents and my marriage mixed up - I will draw the short one in the long run if they have an argument (which already happened once, so not happening again)
  8. No...not really. I love my dad and everything - and I think he's a great man, but I don't think I'm a Daddy's Girl. I think a lot of it has to do with him being in the military when I was a kid. He was gone for the first Gulf War and then was in the field a lot - but when he was home, it was great!

    I love both of my parents equally, but I can talk more openly to my mom - especially about girly things!
  9. not at all. i can't say i was really close to my parents growing up... i think i'm probably closer to my mom. i definitely have a better relationship with both my parents now that i'm an adult.
  10. im am a daddy's girl. he is the best dad ever and will do anything he can for my mom me and my sister, he is such a hard worker too. he taught me what it was like to work hard for the things you have.

    he even loves it when i talk to him about shoes and bags!

    but i think my mom understands me more. i do love both of my parents equally though.
  11. I was one. :crybaby:
  12. ^AWE !Sorry Bagnshoo!

    Im not a daddys girl..But I did marry a Mommas boy....ROFLMAO..Ummm...NO COMMENT.(HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!)
  13. Mama's girl.:heart:
    Grew up fatherless.:tdown:
    But it's all good!:yes:
  14. ^ oh god JILL!:roflmfao: you just crack me up...

    I was daddy's girl until I got married :p I think he's a bit jealous. I try to give him as much attention but he's just cranky most of the times... I love my Daddy so much. He really is my hero.:heart:
  15. ^ :roflmfao:. yeah, don't we all know this problem...... (no comment for sure)