Dad in bull running ban

  1. Press Assoc. - Friday, July 20 12:26 am
    A dad has been banned from seeing his son alone after taking the 10-year-old bull running at the annual Pamplona festival last week. The youngster's mother took action after seeing a photograph in a newspaper of her ex-husband leading their son by the arm just a few feet in front of the bulls. A judge in the town of Fuenlabrada, south of Madrid, ordered police to find the boy, who had been spending his holidays with his father, and return him to his mother immediately.


    I think the father made a really, REALLY foolish judgement call, and I think he shouldn't be allowed to see his son alone for a while.

    I think it would've been too much to ban the father from seeing his son permenantly, because up until this incident, it hasn't been reported that Spain's equivalent of Social Services have been called.

    To review: stupid stupid decision, and I think it was right to not allow the father to be alone with the son for a while.

    (And don't even get me started on the Running of the Bulls or Bullfighting. That's a whole other topic.)
  2. :wtf:
  3. ^^ I know! I saw the video with the dad and the boy running and I believe that Smiley was my exact facial expression!