Dad dumps pre-schooler: update on the baby hatch in japan

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  1. I believe there was a thread on the "new box for unwanted babies "s system a while ago; now this happened:
    It's very hard for anyone to preven this from happening without ruining the anonymacy of the baby drop-off and then the point would be lost.
  2. I think that a baby "drop" is the best strategy to combat infanticide; I hope negative sentiment will not build against this preventative measure just because it was abused once.
  3. OMG A three year old? How horrible for that little boy. At least a newborn does not know what is going on. But at three he is quite aware that daddy dumped him. Poor baby.
  4. Stupid dad.
  5. if people can't handle children they shouldn't have any. i honestly think that some people have this dream about being a parent, and once it gets too much they just do anything. recently here parents left their little girls in the forest bec they hadn't tidied their room - and luckily a lady walking by dropped them at the police, but the parents went to collect them after hours and they weren't there, obviously. what are people thinking???????? please people like this shouldn't have children if they cant manage, or dont want to. anyway, i believe that what goes around, comes around. wonder how dad will feel if this son drops him at the old people's place when he gets unconvenient. we have the baby hatches over here, but rarely children get left. unfortunately there is still a lot of violence towards children, or dead babies - again, don't have children or better, be celibate if you can't manage birth control. (sorry, OT but really, this gets my blood boiling) mind you, at least the father just dropped his child off, rather than hurt him.
  6. poor little guy. hope he finds a wonderful home, where people would never dream of leaving him alone.
  7. And it really pisses me off when I can't have my own children, and some of the people that can treat them horribly! It's just not fair!

    That father doesn't deserve that little boy! But, oh, his poor mother!
  8. I understand everyones point of view..but what if this dad was living in poverty and was on his own? What if the mother was not around and what if she past away? You never know..maybe he was hoping that was a better idea to let him go and hoping his kid will be better taken care of and getting education..etc...
  9. That's SOOOOO SAD!!!!!:crybaby:
  10. Aw, I wish I could adopt the poor little boy.
  11. Thats so sad :sad:

    Hopefully, that little boy will get a home with parents who truly care about him.
  12. Good point. Okay, I'm tweaking my answer: if putting him there was some kind of odd, harsh form of punishment for something the little boy did, then that would be really cruel. If the father / parents honestly couldn't care for the child but wanted to make sure he was well taken care of, then he did the right thing.
  13. At least the little guy is safe. Poor baby.
  14. Yeah, the Japanese govt just approved to start this and this was one of the first example... So as said in the news some are re-thinking or at least revising this plan. Can you imagine the trauma this little boy is experiencing? I don't think they have yet to locate the dad... The little boy was able to identify himself with a name and how he came (via the Shinkansen)... How sad... SIGH...
  15. ITA.