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  1. Anyone have doxies that like to burrough? (i.e. snuggle under covers)? I have two. One is nine years old and will sleep by my feet after the travel event. The other is 7 and loves to snuggle under my arm ( like a beeeyotch.. lol.. lays her head on my shoulder and there is that!!! Anyone else with doxie issues? I suspect I will be adopting my dog's granddaughter soon as well as her son (to make four). Let me know your experiences.

  2. I've never had a doxie, but that is so cute! Nearly everyone I've know who had dachshunds, had at least 2. Is it for the dog to have a companion?
  3. i have a whippet who must lay under the covers. i think she just likes to be warm. she tries to push me off the bed.
  4. I dont have a dachshund, but my mom had one growing up and she said that she would crawl under the covers and sleep at her feet. Once she got in there she wouldn't move. My grandparents are actually going to look at a couple on Monday, I can't wait!!:yahoo:
  5. I'm loving the cute dog snuggling stories.:love:

    OT--bgcutiepie00--The quote in your sig. line is so thought-provoking. Words to live by.
  6. Yep. I got the 2nd a year after the first.. felt bad b/c she had no buddy. They get along great! :yes:
  7. I have 2 doxies, Millie and Casey. They are both rescues. They will burrough under the covers in the bed, and the female likes to lie by my side, such a wierdo..They also get under any article of clothing they can find.
  8. LOL. They are funny pups. Both like to snuggle but one is more prevalent.

    How is Millie? I know she is ill.. has she gotten any better? She is in my prayers. My silly dogs aren't rescues but I donate on a regular basis.


  9. I guess we both have doxies and space program fetishes. :P Millie has been having chemo and has one treatment left. They staged her last Friday and the cancer for sure has not progressed. Sadly, after the final treatment she will be done and at that point we have to let nature take it's course. There is no way to know how long she has.
    Thanks for asking. It is nice that you recall that detail.:heart:

    Have you posted pics of your doxies?
  10. I will send you a pm shortly. Your doxie and you need some support.. and even though I am a wimp... would like to offer some!
  11. ^^^
    Aww, that is so sweet..
  12. They are famous to love to burrow. My husband actually made a homemade burrow pillow for our dog. He took 2 used pillows and snitch the three sides together. My dog loves it!
  13. I have 3 doxies and they all burrough under the bed with me!
  14. How funny you say this! My in-laws have two and we never cease to be amused at how they will literally sleep UNDER covers for an entire night! They're so little anyway you can't see their bodies, then *pop* in the morning out they come! Must be a doxie thing!
  15. dachshunds are the best! i had three until i moved out of the country... :sad: and yes, they ALL loved to burrow into everything imaginable - into every comfy crevice you might provide them when you're laying on the sofa, under the covers... i attribute their burrowing to those cute long noses of theirs that once upon a time were used to bark down badger holes... hahaha. :yes::yes:

    because i'm missing my cuties, here are some photos