Dachshund-Wiener Dog Pet Commercial

  1. Love, love, love that commercial too!!:yes:
  2. Yes yes I've seen it on TV, very sweet and cute!:heart:
  3. I love that commercial too!
  4. That is one of my most favorite commericals ever. Too cute!! After I saw that commerical I few times, I actually bought my cat that same exact purple dog.
  5. Great stuff, thanks for sharing.
  6. I've never seen the Sprint one before. It's soooo cute!! I love the other one too!
  7. Those are great Japster thanks for posting them,,,my doxies enjoyed them as well.
  8. Too cute. I love my little weiners.
  9. I can SO relate to that commercial! Here's why:
  10. LOL me too I am always buying baby dog duplicate toys after she breaks the squeakers (or bites the ears off LOL).

    That long pig toy was too cute! My pup would love that!
  11. I love that commercial! My Chis have the same "Boo Boo" toy. My little one has the tiny version and my bigger one has the regular sized one. lol.