Dab, dab, swoosh, swoosh, BOO BOO!

  1. How far would you go when putting on make-up in PUBLIC?

    On the tube the other day from canary wharf to bond street, there was just so much to see and giggle at. I’m sure many of you have seen this before, but it is still widely seen and done…and I really detest it. PUTTING MAKE-UP IN PUBLIC. I think I’ll draw the line at lipgloss, lipbalm or putting on hand cream, or even (discreet) blotting of the face. Other than that, it’s just wrong and extremely disgusting. I saw a lady, in a full business suit (most probably going for a night out or something), start by smoothing on some foundation, concealer, eyeshadow, lipgloss AND rouge!!! I was definitely shocked and looked with outmost disapproval. What are your thoughts on this? Do you do it too? If so, don’t you think make-up is supposed to be applied privately? (Of course, I can understand if you want to flash your Dior Beauty Confidential Compact, but it's that application that concerns me!)

    And girls, most guys, including myself, feel that putting on make-up in public is NOT attractive at all!
  2. I wouldn't do it besides lip gloss. I actually find people who brush their hair in public rather ick.
  3. This chick at work would floss her teeth in front of us all the time. At her desk. Now that was ick.
  4. i use chapstick. or sometimes lipgloss.

    OHHH, when I was in PE, all these girls would crowd around the mirrors in the locker room and push their way through to apply 20 layers of powder and their eyeliner and globs of lipgloss. it was really gross. heres the worst part, they'd share ALL their makeup. eyeliner, mascara, everything.
  5. I put on lipgloss descreetly in public. I also use blotting powder (MAC), but I do it when no ones looking. To do anything also I go to the bathroom!
  6. The most I'd do is put on lipgloss or lipstick..
    shocked to hear that some people put foundation on out in public :O
  7. When u say public what do you mean? I put make up on @ work all of the time bcuzz that's part of my job. I also do it in my car while @ a stop and I'll whip out handcream anywhere. Now if you're @ a restaurant, theater , or something that's different.
  8. i think at a restaurant/theatre, somewhere where people are for a good time, where the ambience is what people are there for; then i'll draw the line at blotting, lipgloss/refreshing lipstick. and handcream if it's done discreetly.

    but in places like car/train/waiting rooms, i think mascara, eye makeup, blush, and concealer are okay. i would be embarrased, cos it's a but private, but i think it's their business and doesn't bother me.
    lipliner, foundation and facial moisturiser still seems abit icky to me.

    and hair brushing and flossing are just disgusting, unhygienic, and inconsiderate. except in bathrooms, it may be okay. (but i still wouldn't want to be there)
  9. compact powder + mascara+ lip balm ... almost everywhere
  10. i'll only apply lipstick/gloss/balm and maybe a poof of powder (discreetly) in public but that's it. no eyeliner, mascara, rouge etc. unless i'm in a bathroom.
  11. the most i do is reapply my lipgloss or put some chapstick on my lips.
  12. public in that sense that you're in FULL VIEW of everyone, and you just carry on doing it, even though you know people are starting to stare... yes, i find people who brush their hair in public, or even worse: CLIPPING THEIR NAILS IN PUBLIC-really disgusting. puke!!
  13. Only lipgloss and chapstick discreetly.

    I thought makeup was to enhance your natural beauty.
    not a one woman freak show.
  14. I don't put on any makeup in public. The most I'll do is put on some hand lotion. If I need to brush my hair, put on lipgloss, and put on some powder, I always go to a bathroom stall to do it.
  15. I couldn't agree more! hee!