DA Stresa Gm compared to Speedy 35 size ?

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  1. I've searched thru the Stresa thread in the clubhouse but didn't find any mention. I just recieved my first preloved bag from RealReal, a DA Stresa GM but I'm not convinced it really is the GM size. The dimensions of the bag vary depending on the source of the information. Does any one have these two bags that they may have comp pics of? The base of the bag shows 15 squares in some GM pics and 17 in others. My Speedy 35 is monogram and 30 is Damier. I realize different canvas can make things appear larger or smaller but I'm having a hard time believing this is truly a GM. My invoice from RR states only shoes and clothing may be returned. Any suggestions and thoughts are welcome.
  2. from what I remember the compartment is the same size but
    one is "fatter" and the second is taller
    so technicly you can fit more docs, laptop etc in it
  3. Thanks for your input. This fits my mini ipad fine but no way a laptop would fit. I'm going to have to go to my LV and hope the have a DA PM that I can compare it to. I've only heard positive about RealReal so I'm really hoping they didn't sell me a PM and try to pass it off as a GM.
  4. I have the stresa PM and it fits the mini iPad too. However, if I remember correctly the GM size is huge. The PM is great size. I would say the GM was bigger the speedy 35. Good luck