DA print rubbing off

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  1. Today I went shopping with my Pochette Felicie in DA and I had a red shopping bag in my hand on the same side my PF was. The red must had rubbed off on the PF at some point because I noticed red marks on the print around the edges. I rubbed most of it off with my fingers, however I noticed that on one side the DA print itself has seemed to rub off! I hadn’t even used a wipe yet so apparently somehow the shopping bag removed the print off the bag while rubbing against it. Here’s a photo to show you what I’m talking about:


    I’m not sure if the print has actually rubbed off or if the colour transfer is making it look like it has. What do you guys think and do you have any suggestions on what I can do?
  2. All LV canvas prints rubb off in corner areas. It’s most noticeable on DE and DA.
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  3. Really? That’s sad to hear since I’ve only had it for about 4 months.
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  4. Very normal
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  5. OMG I’m so sorry!!

    These bags can be so delicate, especially in certain prints/leathers.

    I know most of us (myself included save up to buy them), but unfortunately they are meant for people who can easily replace them.
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  6. @fabuleux is correct. That’s why I have re-homed all of my DA pieces except for my mini Pochettes. I don’t have time to handle my bags with delicate care or worry about them.
  7. Any bag can show wear. Bags are meant to be used. With use things happen.

    Most light colored items rubbing up against a non color safe shopping bag where the red dye comes off will show a stain. It is not LV’s fault. It does seem strange your Azur print rubbed off and to me this can’t be the shoppng bag alone causing this to happen. It might just be rubbing on your clothing each time you carry it.
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  8. I know wear and tear isn’t LVs fault, however from the moment I got this bag I’ve felt a bit off about it because it looked used as soon as I took it out of the dust bag (when I got it, it was the only one available so this particular one was my only choice). The edge of the flap had something sticky on it and the edge coating was yellowed, which I understand comes about with wear and age and shouldn’t be on a brand new bag.

    Today I compared it to one that was on display at the LV store, and sure enough the edge coating was all white, not yellow as mine has been since the day I got it. I know now it’s too late to do anything about it but I just wanted to put it out there. I think that someone had bought the PF before me but returned it, which is why it suddenly became available and thus looked used. I don’t know why LV didn’t do a more thorough check but I guess it’s also my fault for not bringing it back to them when I had the chance.
  9. You did the right thing. This will be my first and last DA piece sadly.
  10. Sorry op. But I must say I love azur. I would say this was a freak thing with yours. I’ve got an old speedy still kicking! Is it perfect no. But I still use it more than 11 years later. I’ve posted this pic several times on here.
  11. The key difference here is your bag is older; the newer bags don't seem to be as sturdy (though OP doesn't say how old her bag is).
  12. Look at that movie-star hair Snibor!
  13. Urban myth in my experience.
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  14. Idk. I have new bags too. I just bought an azur favorite. I suppose time will tell. Op did get color transfer which can happen to any bag, and she rubbed it to try to get it off. My old speedy isn’t perfect by any means but I wear it with pleasure i don’t care. I tend not to baby my bags. My comment was more for those who insist on staying away from azur as if it’s so fragile. I think it’s far better than a leather white bag which I can’t seem to ever keep clean. I had a horrible experience with a white coach bag many years ago. I stay away from white unless it’s azur.
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  15. You should contact your SA, send pics to him or her, and ask them to forward to the repair team or take it in for them to inspect it. It sounds like it might be defective. I always request a bag that’s in back-stock in hopes of avoiding buying a bag that has been returned, which is not always a guarantee. My CA knows I want a bag from deep in the back-stock.

    Recently, I’ve had two bags that were defective and I received a refund for one and the other one is being reordered (it is a special order). Lately, in my experience, LV has been very quick and accountable in acknowledging that many of their bags are defective.

    Always remember you have a choice when it comes to selecting your bag. If it was the only one there, you could’ve requested to have one shipped to you or the store. Often times, the only bag in the store has gone through a lot of hands. Patience is a virtue and I know how impatient I get when I WANT a new bag. Over the years, I’ve learned that patience is necessary if I want to be satisfied with my bag.
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