da da da da~~~~ i'm santa claus!!

  1. got some store credit done today...

    i was santa claus for today!!! :yahoo:
    CIMG1131.JPG CIMG1132.JPG
  2. Congrats!!!! It looks so cute on you!!!

    Love how you rock the damier!!
  3. Awww... it looks so cute!
  4. How cute, I love it!
  5. So cute!
  6. love it, it's so cute and look great on you.Congrats!!
  7. Nice! How much does it hold?
  8. thanks u all! :wlae:

    it doesn't hold a lot...i can only put in my phone, koala wallet, 4 key holder, cles, crabtree and evelyn hand cream, and cigs... :crybaby:

  9. congrats!
  10. You got the ribera mini? I'm so proud of you!! :nuts: I have the same bag and I so love it!! :love::love::love:

    Isn't it the CUTEST little thing??!!
  11. Looks good; congrats! : )
  12. LOL rensky you're so cute, congrats!!! Love it!:love:
  13. I love that bag, congrats!!!
  14. Its looks great :smile:

  15. i think the bag is cuter..now, when should i take it out for a spin? :love: