DA color transfer??

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  1. For those who have DA pieces, are you afraid of color transfer? I'm debating getting a DA Koala to go w/ my Eva but I'm fearful....

  2. My azur neverfull got stained from my jeans the very first time i used it :cry: i still love it but i would be careful. Lv told me that in the first 3 months the canvas and vachetta is more delicate. After that day ive never gotten one stain on it.
  3. Is it just with jeans?
  4. Thanks for the input! I think the wallet should be fairly safe since it'd be inside my Eva...but I hate the thought of it....I'm debating getting the epi koala but am on the fence..
  5. Carried my religiously last summer I ways wear dark jeans and no issues so the experiences seem to vary
  6. Glad to know it's hit and miss... :smile:
  7. Never careful, never had a problem, speedy or artsy!! GL!
  8. Yes, I got it on my hampstead MM when the bottom corner rubbed against old jeans (yes, old jeans, not new ones).

    If you have azur accessories - have a look at the inside of the bags you are putting them in - for the damier ebene ones sometimes have a red interior - and the red can rub onto the azur...
  9. Thanks for the heads up! Maybe I should shy away and get the koala in epi....(I should be safe w/ a pre-loved one in blue I hope...)
  10. Thanks for replying! I think since it's hit and miss, I may just go with a koala in epi...
  11. +1. I wear mine with jeans/demin shorts etc and no issues ever. I treated mine with LMB though so not sure if this made a difference.