D941t 1310

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  1. Any idea on D941T 1310?
  2. is this a question regarding authenticity? if so, you should post it in the Bal Shopping section, under Authenticate This.
  3. I think this is a question about decyphering Balenciaga's color code scheme on their tags.

    Unfortunately I do not have a map of colors:codes from tags nor have I ever seen one.

    I'll happily compile one though!!!
  4. Here are my tags, although this doesn't seem to map out:

    D941T 110 = F/W 05 Black City
    D941T 364 = F/W 05 Black Work
    D941T 206 = F/W 06 Grenat Work
  5. Thanks hmwe46!

    What about the the 3 then?
  6. wow, do i miss atelier naff!!
    those bal tags are so :confused1:
  7. Nicole, I am fairly certain that AN never had a Color:Code# map either.

    Peko, the '3' = the Season (F/W) '1' = S/S
  8. AF didn't, but LP's site did. that girl had everything - whoever hacked her site should be :banned:
  9. I meant AN (ateliernaff), LP's site.

    I never saw a section that mapped the colors to the codes on the tags :shrugs:

    I have compiled a list of all the tag data, but that doesn't include the secret decoder ring for the colors:

    The City Bag:
    Model # 115748 [found on the front of the silver tag under the N-designation (the batch of leather???) + the Season/Year Code]
    "Serial Numbers" 1787, 2123, 3160, 3444, 4276, 496393 [found on the back of the tag imprinted in the leather]


  10. I don't think LP ever suggested someone from tPF hacked her blog :confused1:
  11. ^lets stay on topic...PLEASE!
  12. Can anyone provide insite into the paper tag??

    Across the top we have the following:

    2005 (year)
    3 or 1 (season)
    115748 (correct model number for each bag)

    D941T : ????
    110 (364, 206, etc) : ???
  13. Thank you for all your replies!

    Theses are the numbers on the paper tag:

    115748 D941T 1310 means city, the leather, 1 (season) 10 ?

    This colour is very similar to sandstone and I wonder what is the name of it.
  14. I agree, :tup:

    but I was not the one who veered it in a particular direction.
  15. Do you have a pic you can post? That might help narrow it down! :tup: