1. My purse got maimed! It's not a designer purse or anything extremely special, but I loved it because it was nice and big so that I could carry just about anything I needed. It had pockets so that my wallet, receipt bag, mp3 player, cellphone, and psp, wouldn't mix with lip gloss, tarot cards, hand lotion, and oil-removing face sheets, which wouldn't mix with "feminine products" thus eliminating the possibility of pulling out a tampon along with my wallet. It's black patchwork leather, kind of messenger-style/grandma bag, with big silver rings to attatch the strap to the bag.

    The maiming came in the form of a piece of stage equipment catching on it and tearing a large hole in the back. The foam batting is coming out and I'm just wondering whether I should try and fix it or just get a new one.
  2. I would say, get a new one.
  3. perfect excuse to get a new bag!!!
  4. Can someone suggest a bag? I like large bags with lots of pockets.
  5. Look at the Tano bags on the lunaboston site
  6. aw sad that this happened but I would get a new one.
  7. oh no! sorry to hear that! i'm not sure if that's fixable. i say get a new one. not possible to buy the same bag?
  8. I don't know. I got this one about a year ago so it's kind of dubious whether I can find the same bag or not.

    wow! someone has me pegged!
    this is an awesome bag.
    ...but working at my job since the holiday I haven't made enough to pay for it.
  9. I think its time for shopping!
    If you can't get one that you like with lots of internal pockets, maybe you can get the purseket or improvise by having a few small cosmetics pouches with zips. That way you know which one your key or the feminine products goes into. I do that to my bags too so it saves time digging.
  10. I say go get a new one (Yay! An excuse to shop!!). Post pics of whatever you discover!

    Happy hunting!
  11. fix the OLD one and get a NEW one too!!!!!!!!!!! You can never have too many bags :biggrin:
  12. Sorry to hear about your bag being damaged. A few suggestions:

    Sophia Visconti Four Pocket Bucket > Leather Handbags > Handbags - eBags


    Tignanello Newport Double Entry Hobo > Leather Handbags > Handbags - eBags


    Maxximum Rider Double Handle Shoulder > Leather Handbags > Handbags - eBags

    Has got great reviews, worth trying perhaps if you like the look of it? :smile:


    Handpainted leather, has quite a number of pockets:
    Anuschka Hobo - Premium Paisley Bronze > Leather Handbags > Handbags - eBags



    A bag with compartments, off shoebuy.com
    Anuschka Zip Around Medium Satchel - Abstract Still Life


  13. I like the first two, the rest look a bit "old" for me to carry [I'm 17]