1. thanks to this forum i have my first dior bags on the way! (i bought the medium trotter romantique + small boston bag. im thinking about giving one to my mom for her birthday later in the year). i got a coworker to buy one too. lol thanks for the tip from the outlet posts. i have been wanting a bag like this for awhile. my bf is going to think i am NUTS. but it's okay i am happy.

    ^___^ i cant wait to get them!!! im really excited, nothing can ruin my day!
  2. Congratulations! Post pictures as you get the bag
  3. Ooh congrats! Where did you get the small boston bag? Ive been looking for a black logo with gold harware one.
  4. congarts girl!! I just ordered the large trotter romantique flap bag from them too. Can't wait till it's here!!:yahoo::nuts::wlae: post your pics when you get it:nuts:
  5. Do you know what the size of the small boston bag is?
  6. Congrats!
  7. congrats!
  8. not sure but they are shipping it out today. my coworker ordered the medium so i can do comparison pix when i get them (shes shipping to my address)

  9. So exciting!! Please post pics when you get them! I'm curious how small the boston one is. It's super cute. I just ordered the medium flap bag and its on its way to me too :smile:
  10. OOOOH! Pictures! You know we're all very visually-oriented here! teehee!

  11. Congratulations!
  12. FABULOUS choices!!!! I can't wait to see them!
  13. pink thats a fantastic choice u made there ! :drool: im dying to see your pics ! :yahoo:
  14. congrats! please post some pics when you get a chance! :yes:
  15. just got them today! the medium boston is my coworker's (she shipped to my place).. hmm now i think the small bostonn is a tad too small.. medium boston would be perfect ithink lol. oh well... maybe i can get a medium one in another style/color. maybe the grey one? =D

    no modelling pix for now. my left wrist is fractured/broken, i can try self timer later... but i think these pix came out ok considering only using one hand haha =)