D stamped on interior label

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  1. I noticed that my other Mabel has a "D" on the interior label. Does anyone know what this means? I tried to search, but I only found out that "0" means a flaw.
  2. Older models were stamped on the interior label with the initials of the person putting the bag together. My Roxanne (2004) has LR stamped on the label.
  3. Thanks thelittlestar, maybe that's the case with mine too.. To be precise, I don't mean the oval shaped leather Mulberry-tag, but the square shaped black textile label that says "Made in England" on the other side.
  4. Oh, I just had a look at mine and it had G1 written on the back.
  5. sally.m: Thanks, it's a relief to hear that this might not mean that the bag has a flaw... I was so ready to write an angry message to the seller :biggrin:
  6. My Daria Satchel has "F" and my Bays Clutch has "F9".

    Whatever that all means!
  7. I think it may be a code for the year or month they are made. I'm sure I read this somewhere.