D-ring on side of Duomo

  1. Sorry, I can't manage to post pics, but on the side of my Duomo, there is a lovely chunky d-ring. This is the side opposite the lock side. I've seen other duomos that don't have this d-ring. Did they have a batch in the beginning that didn't have these, or is mine older and the newer ones don't have it? btw my date code is Feb. 06. When my husband gets home tomorrow I'll have him post my pics in case nobody knows what I'm talking about.
  2. yes..earlier batch Dec 2005 didn't have D ring on the side of the bag, "newer" duomo has it.
  3. Thanks, bagsnbags. I'm glad somebody knows what I'm talking about. You're so smart!:yes:
  4. No problem..my mom has this bag , "newer " one...
  5. I love this bag...and love the exterior D ring!
  6. I love it too...perfect place for a little charm!