:D My first designer purse EVER-- tobacco paddy, pics to follow

  1. I DID IT!!

    for 770$ U.S., why the hell not? :biggrin:

    my smile is like a mile wide....

    now i have to find a job to pay for it. (i'm still a student :sad:)


    it's so worth it!

    here's the link:

    Chloé Leather Paddington bag - NET-A-PORTER.COM

    will post pics when it arrives :biggrin::biggrin::biggrin::biggrin:
  2. :yahoo: Congrats!!!!!!!!:yahoo: I can't wait to see pictures! Great deal! OMG!
  3. hey exquisite i had no idea the tobacco was on sale till i saw your thread and i made a purchase for one too!!! i cant wait till it arrives cuz i have NO idea what this color is going to look like!! but anyway thanks for posting ;)!
  4. Has anyone ever seen the tobacco color IRL?
  5. I wanna order one so Bad!! I 'm debating it but I guess I probably should order quick!!
  6. i didn't either! i just randomly clicked on it, and i saw $770! i've been wanting a paddy for SO long and i was so upset when aubergine was sold out... but i think i'll like this one even more :biggrin::biggrin:

    i've never seen the colour in real life... it looks good in the pictures though :biggrin:

    p.s., when i ordered (i'm in canada) they added customs and duties on to the total... will there be more when it arrives??

    thanks :smile:
  7. I like the Tobacco color alot better than the Aubergine. I'm so glad that I didn't order that one. Hmmm....maybe I will order the Tobacco one. It does look like a pretty color. And you can't beat that price!!
  8. it really does! and it looks like it will match with a lot of things too.

    i'm a complete newbie, but i've seen prices on ebay that are WAY higher for used ones!

    plus i'm in canada.. they're ridiculously expensive over here, plus the exchange works in my favour when buying in u.s. dollars!
  9. We should order it exquisite09!! I'm a Chloe newbie myself and always wanted a Paddy. It's too great of a deal to pass up in my opinion.
  10. You ladies got great deals, congrats!:flowers: I havent ever seen this colour irl but it looks gorgeous on NAP, I cannot wait to see pictures..!!
  11. Congrats exquisite!!! :nuts::yahoo::heart: I am sooo happy for you!!! First because it's your first designer purse and chloe, and second because that bag looks hot!!!! :jammin: Great price too!!! Can't wait to see pictures when it arrives!!!!:love:
  12. Go for it missy!!! :heart: That's an awesome price and the color looks beautiful!! :drool: :cutesy:
  13. Thanks Audrey!! I figure that's a great deal for my first Paddy.
  14. the tobacco's supposed to be a luxurious deep brown shade... congrats on your purchase, i can't wait for mine (well not really, because i'm kinda sharing it, haha) to arrive!!!
  15. hey missy this is what customer services at NAP wrote back to me

    The Chloe Paddington Leather Bag in Tobacco is amazing!

    We can advise that tobacco is a deep brown, similar to dark
    chocolate or molasses.

    it sounds yummy IMO! so join exquisite and me and buy the bag!! :smile: let me know what you decide!!