D@#m Hermes!! I am SO CROCed!!

  1. Yes, my first piece of croc!! No not a bag:sweatdrop: but a wee piece...it's a CDC in Blue Roi with PH!
    so here she is and...and me trying to do my best Rocker pose. I honestly don't know what that hand signal means? Hope it is not a bad one...but I have seen my favorite Rockers do something of that nature....
    111 006_1.jpg 111 004_1.jpg
  2. [​IMG]
  3. Wow -- that color is TDF! And it looks fantastic on you!! Congratulations :woohoo:
  4. [​IMG]

    Gorgeous RC!!!!
  5. Very stunning, Rockerchic!

    Bleu Roi Croc :drool::drool::drool:
  6. RC - it looks fantastic!!! Love love lovin' it.

    You rock the croc :tup:

    ( I dunno what the "hand" means either..... anyone got a teen to help?? :roflmfao:)
  7. Oh Gosh RC :woohoo:!! That is Gorgeous!!
  8. tricia, do you think I can rock it like Rockerchic Mum?
  9. Thud!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Rock on!
  10. Ofcourse you could!! 100x better!
  11. Thanks all!! I love, love, love the croc and this color, Blue Roi is crazy beautiful!
  12. Rocherchic: I must say...not only your bracelet is hot!!

    YOU ARE GORGEOUS and STYLIN'!! I love, love, love your haircut and you ROCK!!!!
  13. WOW So cool!
  14. Oh S- you are "bad to the bone" - LOL
    Love the bracelet and you look great - as usual!!
    Congrats on the Croc!
    BTW... the hand signal you are talking about is I Love You in sign language.
  15. RC--Congrats!! I love your bracelet. :smile: